Corvega Atomic V-8 Terrain Tutorial

By Julian Jeratsch


Hello, dear wasteland dwellers. I took some time and prepared a terrain tutorial for you. I chose something special; a few years ago, I converted a Corvega by taking out all of the windows and doors, and then I made a buried wreck terrain piece out of it; if you don't know it, check out my Instagram profile @OakBrushWorkshop where you can see it. But this time, we will improve it a little; there are two variants that you can buy from Modiphius, we have the resin mini and the STL version. Today I'll show you how to combine the two and turn them into a great piece of terrain for your table. So let's begin.

1. The Preparation

First, we need the Resin mini for this, then, we print only the lower part of the Corvega with the interior design and the rims, but you can also print the standard wheels if you like it.

The printed lower part is identical to the resin and fits perfectly into the upper piece. 

2. The Conversion

    First, we prepare everything for working with resin, safety goggles, a mask, and, if necessary, gloves. Health comes first. Next, we drill holes in the edge of all the windows and doors. A drill with a small diameter is ideal as the chance of damaging something is reduced; here, we use a standard hand drill; a power drill could cause too much damage.

    Thanks to the drilled holes, the cutting of the windows is simplified. This can then be done with any cutting tool you like; I recommend a cutter knife, hobby knife, or a craft scalpel; you should take much time with this step; the slower you are, the better the results; if you act too quickly, you could make too much damage on the mini. The remains can be cleaned with the help of a flat file, and for the rounded corners, use the smallest round file.

    We repeat this step on all windows and doors until everything is open.

    And that's how it all looks together; the printed lower part fits perfectly into the upper part of the Car, and we have an open wreck with the interior. So now let's paint it. 

    3. The Painting

    For this, I have prepared a straightforward step-by-step painting guide.

    The Paint used for this mini is from The Army Painter; I primed the whole mini white. I painted the body with Witch Brew and used an airbrush. The Sides, the roof, and the lights are painted with Matt White; for the silver parts, I took Plate Mail Metal; for the interior, Abomination Gore; and for the car floor with Dungeon Grey.

    Next, I washed the entire mini with Oak Brown Air and AK ultra matt(1/3).

    After the wash was dry, I lightened the more significant areas in the middle with the base colors so that the lower-lying areas remained dark. For the very high-lying areas, I mixed some white into the base colors to appear even brighter. I used Vallejo flat earth for the weathering, which I applied with a sponge, concentrating on all the metal areas. I applied the brown with a fine brush for the spaces between the trunk and the hood. I then repeated this step and used Dry Rust on the same areas for the nice orange rust look; next to it, I applied Dark Stone with a sponge to give the Car a dirtier effect, and then the whole mini was varnished by using AK Ultra Matt.

    And here is everything you need for it; the whole process took around 6 hours, so it's a little, but the result will be eye-catching on any table, so grab your tools and brushes and let me see what you come up with.


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