Author Transmissions
By Cory Belote, STA Contributing Writer


Star Trek has been a part of my life for a long time, going back to my father considering naming me after one of the captains of the Enterprise. Since then I have always been a fan of the franchise, and with such a series giving so much to those that love it, I wanted to give back.  

In writing Mission Briefs: First Contacts, I decided to look at the things that made the stories of the original series stand out and stay with us all over the years. That being telling real stories, using concepts and mythological creatures as the basis for various alien species encountered. Using mythological creatures as the base, similar to how the original series used the Medusa as the broad basis for the Medusans affecting those that look at them unprotected, allowed me to create new alien species for crews to encounter and interact with. Keeping the aliens something that is different and yet familiar enough to everyone.

A lot of the missions in this briefs pack are based loosely on actual historical events that have taken place, adapted to the Star Trek universe. From mistaken identity, confidence men selling things that they don’t really own the rights to, and even some past encounters coming back to haunt future explorers. Translating past events, or different parts of ones, into something that Star Trek Adventures crews can enjoy and find their own solutions to is something that was a great deal of fun to develop. Some of the events and missions are things that a certain favorite barkeep would most likely be involved in one form or another, or at least ones you could imagine him plotting.

As much fun as it was to create these new species, missions, and stories, I hope that it is just as enjoyable for the crews of Star Trek Adventures to play through and find solutions that more than likely go beyond what has happened in the past. While the missions are inspired by past events, one thing that Star Trek has taught me is that there is a brighter future if we are willing to work for it. I am interested in seeing what solutions the crews will come up with in their adventures.

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