A New Dawn Breaks…

By Gavin Dady


Greetings friends. Today sees the launch of a host of new and exciting content and products for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. Let’s look at what has arrived.

Chapter 4 – Rise of the Dragon Priests

The first two sets for Chapter four are now available for pre-order – The College of Winterhold and The Draugr Scourges. The College set includes six powerful mages who wield the mystic arts. This set is a first for us in that it mixes traditional resin with some coloured, translucent resin parts for the spell effects. These aren’t shown on our painted figures below, unfortunately, as we didn’t have the coloured resin ready in time for the studio to paint them. You can use the coloured parts as special spell effects, or treat them like regular resin and paint over them if you prefer to apply your own effects.


Next we have the Draugr Scourges. With the Draugr being updated to a fully playable faction in Chapter 4, we have an expansion of their forces to include more “hero” characters, and some more Follower troops as well. The Death Overlord is just about the most powerful Draugr there is, even more powerful than some of the named Draugr. What named Draugr, you ask? Well that’s for another time. Accompanying him we have some of the more powerful, heavy infantry type Draugr, the Scourges, and their leader, the Scourge Lord. As they Draugr say: Faaz! Paak! Dinok!* 


The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Starter Set

This is a project that has been bubbling under for a long time. This is a single boxed experience that will give you all the rules, miniatures, cards, dice and tokens you need to get started with The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. Whilst our Rules Box and two or more of our launch Faction Starter sets has always been the starting point, and we had a Starter Bundle on our webstore, we wanted a simpler entry point. The starter box does that. It contains a copy of the Core Rules Box, Plastic Imperial Legion Starter, Plastic Stormcloak Starter, Plastic Bleak Falls Barrow and a Dragonborn Ethereal all in a lavishly illustrated box. This will be great help to new players or to retailers who want to offer a simple entry point to The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms. 


New Website

We’re also please to announce the launch of a new dedicated website for The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms – www.theelderscrollscalltoarms.com

The new website has links to the shopping pages at Modiphius.net, of course, but we are also gathering new and old content in one place now. We have links to How To Play videos, painting tutorials and all our downloads. We’ll be adding new content over the coming months in terms of faction reviews, more how to play videos, downloadable scenarios and much more.

Revised Rulebook

As I mentioned in the last blog, we are taking edit suggestions for the revised rulebook.. The official collection window closes on 9th of June (we extended it a little due to UKGE) but we’ll keep it open for a while as we collate the feedback. I can’t promise that any comments post 9th June will be included, but if you have a great idea, drop it in there. 


Finally, we’ve also got some further exciting news on a forthcoming sale in our Modiphius newsletter – if you aren’t signed up, you can head here to get your regular updates on all the Modiphius news.

 "Pain! Shame! Death!”
The elder scrolls: call to arms