Who Can I Play?

By Georgie R.
Art by Danny Spitz


If you’ve seen our previous blog post on Factions in Cohors Cthulhu, then you’re ready for a deeper dive into who and what you can exactly play in this iteration of the franchise. Whether you choose a tribesman looking to protect their people, or a Roman soldier joining the cause to purge the land of tribes, we’ve got a fascinating look at each of these ahead. 

In the hostile world of ancient Rome, players are able to join the fray by choosing to play as a tribesman from Germania intent on protecting their people and their lands or as a Roman legionary fighting to force the Germanians back in this push and pull of war between the two factions. Then you’ll make the most important decision for your character: your archetype! Will you choose Mystic, Sage, Schemer, Scoundrel, Scout or Soldier? With the culture options given, the possibilities are endless. Culture will rely heavily on the lands you choose to be from, whether it be the wilds of Germania, the deserts of Aegyptus, the isles of Birton, or a proud scion of Rome hailing from one of the many cities now popping up across the empire. 

Each archetype has their own ways of playing and with the choices being unrestricted, players can even opt to make more unorthodox choices for their character when looking at their background, caste and archetype. They could be a Germanic tribesman who is a sage with scholarly knowledge seeking truth through your studies, or they could follow a more traditional path of playing a Roman legionary soldier who joined the army ready to fight for and grow the reach of the empire you hail from. Castes will also have an impact on your character through their social standing starting as an Outcast, Servant, Plebian/Freedman or Noble. Through actions, or just by sheer luck, this can also move up or down to reflect how your character moves through Roman society as they adventure across the Roman empire. 

Playing will reveal more about your character as whilst they have lots of options to choose from in the beginning, the development also will continue throughout their adventures in the world of Cohors Cthulhu as Hidden Facets mean that more will be discovered about them through play. Campfire tales will open up this opportunity to players to learn more about their character and also unlock new options through gameplay by doing so, even bolstering resources like Fortune in the process. Having this in place can even open options for players starting out with very little backstory either by their own choice, or the GM could also start a campaign out like this and have Campfire Tales be a prime opportunity for you to learn more about them.

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