What are the Factions?

By Modiphius Entertainment
Art by Danny Spitz


In our previous blog post, we covered the Hidden Wars seen in Cohors Cthulhu which were the reason for the rise of the Roman Empire as the Mythos arrived on Earth. Today, we’re taking a deeper look into the factions involved with them, where they side, and how they impact the world of Cohors Cthulhu

Humanity is the largest faction involved in the Hidden Wars, despite them having very little knowledge of this, they are the least cohesive but are important because they are often caught up in the affairs of greater powers. Humans are roped into these conflicts mostly by being either recruited unknowingly or tempted by power or promises. Maeren and the fallen scions of Atlantis often did this to recruit them to their respective causes without knowing how they would impact the bigger picture. 

The Temperari, known also as the Tempered, are a formidable force of agents chosen specifically by the immortal Hyperborean priestess Maeren herself. In her bid to turn humanity into a weapon against the Outer Gods that destroyed her home, she played a hand in shaping many civilizations including Atlantis and the founding of Rome itself. 

The Fingers of Dawn are a secretive and influential group that seeks to elevate their own heroes. Whilst they are headquartered in Rome, many of their branches extend across the empire where they look to find skilled and exceptional individuals they can arm to fight against the Mythos threats. Under the guise of a cult serving the Goddess of Dawn, the group largely has benevolent goals and seeks to protect humanity from both factions of gods and the influences of Maeren alike.

On the opposite side of the Hidden Wars lies the Mythos cults; the void-born beings lay out of reach of Earth, but the cults who worship them keep them involved in the Hidden Wars by proxy. Whilst many of those involved in these cults are human, there are Deep Ones who emerge from the sea to do their progenitors' bidding. They oppose the efforts of Atlanteans, but they have entered alliances with its descendents and cults of Cthulhu for dominion over the seas. The Cult of Mormo is another infestation within the lands of Germania, being the most active and aggressive of them in the Cohors era. It has entered itself into an alignment with Atlantean remnants, which has risen as one of the largest threats against unaligned Germanic tribes and Rome itself. 

The Atlantean remnants are also another group who sadly have not been able to avoid corruption from the Mythos cults, after their society was obliterated from within by the Outer Gods. Heeding their whispers, many of them now cling to power wearing identities of convenience to their current goals and circumstances. Some of them went about storing relics from the empire they once called home, and some explored esoteric lore which bid them into alliances with malignant powers. 

The Mi-Go are more of an unpredictable faction within the Hidden Wars with their motivations, and sometimes alliances, being more alien than other Mythos factions. They favour lingering in hilly or mountainous terrain which are mineral-rich, working in small groups where they can overwhelm threats easily so they can take resources and leave.  Some cults are able to enter bargains with them, but exactly how they communicate and the terms of them remain a mystery, like the Mi-Go themselves. 

The factions seen across the Hidden Wars all have their parts to play, how you interact with them will have the very fate of humanity on the line! 

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