Fallout Friday June 21st

By Samantha Webb


Guys, ghouls, settlers, and scavs, welcome to another Fallout Friday! We’re broadcasting across the Wasteland to give you news and info on our new releases and community activities for everything Fallout tabletop games!

Fallout: Factions - Battle for Nuka World Release Date

We’re pleased to announce we have a final release date for the Fallout Factions “Battle for Nuka-World” Starter Set of July 12th! All stock will be available at that time, so international orders will be shipping from warehouses at roughly the same date!

However, sadly as is often the case, the various Dice Sets have seen a production delay and will be releasing later in time—though we do not have a solid date we are expecting them within Q3 of this year. This will affect the release of the Crew Warfare bundle, so should you have an order you wish to discuss, please reach out to our customer service team for further details.

Monthly Rules Packets for Wasteland Warfare

With Wave 10 of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Wilds of Appalachia we’ve changed the way we’re releasing cards, rules, and scenarios for the game. You’ll still be able to get all the cards you need from our downloads page as PDFs for printing at home, but for the Wilds of Appalachia we’ll be releasing these PDF rules packets once a month for the miniatures sets we release that month. You won’t have to wait until half-way through the wave, or even until the end, to get the rules to play with the latest models to be released! You can grab the latest rules at the bottom of our downloads page or from the webstore, completely free of charge.

We won’t be printing a rule book or card packs for this wave, making the rules and cards free via PDF only. We’re investigating a print on demand option for cards, and will have more information once we have a plan.

We also revealed a lot of the upcoming miniatures for the Wilds of Appalachia wave on this live streamed event that you can watch on demand on our YouTube channel. Check it out if you’re in the dark and would like to know if your favorite cryptid will be part of the line.

More Factions for Fallout Factions

As soon as we previewed the rules for our new skirmish game Fallout: Factions a couple of months ago, you can absolutely bet people asked whether they could play with more than just the gangs of Nuka World… Well, the good news is: yes, you can!

We’ve released preview lists of the Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutants, Raiders, and Wastelanders. You can use the current range of Fallout miniatures to try these lists out, but we’ll have more news about miniatures sets for Fallout Factions very soon. Download them from the Faction Lists tab on our Fallout: Factions free downloads page.

And, we’ve just launched a new Gunners list! One of the first things we noticed about the Gunners in Fallout 4 was the quality of their equipment. They have a variety of armaments, from small guns to energy weapons like the Plasma Rifle. This allowed us to create a roster of models who could excel in a long ranged fire fight and have access to a mixture of Critical Effects. Gunners have a spattering of Suppress for some control, Maim for additional Harm and Ignite for more damage. They do however, lack any Pierce - a target’s Endurance is typically going to stay static against the Gunners meaning they have a playstyle that involves stacking dice results rather than stealing a kill through a sneaky S.P.EC.I.A.L. drop. For those who have experienced Meltdown first hand against the Operators, you will know it is nothing to be sniffed at. The Gunners can bring up to three guns with Meltdown in a list so be on your toes.

The Gunners Commander also has the option to be taken with or without Power Armor. This gives Gunners players a degree of flexibility in building their lists at the outset, allowing them a cheaper Leader with spare Caps to spend elsewhere afterwards or a truly terrifying bedrock to their crew. In testing, we found the Power Armored Commander had to be answered when it stomped onto the battlefield, be it through being taken down in a hail of fire or just being ignored altogether. In order to preserve the accessibility of the game, the level of options the Gunner Commander has (when you take into account the armor) is something we’re going to try and keep to a minimum as we make more crews, but it felt apt here since Power Armor is one of the special, iconic elements of Fallout.

Free Competitive Scenario Pack for Fallout: Factions

Now on our downloads page you will find a new document that contains experimental, still in development rules for: 

  • Ignoring the Story elements, and playing standalone competitive games. 

  • Three scenarios that you can use in competitive games. 

Please remember that nothing there is final. If any of these rules are published later, they might look a little different! We might also update the document from time to time - check out the version number at the top to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date version. 

That said, we’re pretty confident that you’ll have a lot of fun with those rules. They’re ideal for pick-up games at your local store or gaming club, or for just playing some one-shot games to introduce your friends to Fallout: Factions. I can even imagine people using the rules here to start running competitive organized play events!

If you’d like to give us feedback on anything you see here, please do so by following this link to the official Modiphius feedback form.

Bottle & Cappy’ All Fizzed Up!

For those of you who have pre-ordered the Fallout: Factions “Battle for Nuka-World” Starter Set, you’ll be aware that your order is coming with a couple of happy little guys, Bottle & Cappy! What you may not be aware of though, is that they also come with rules.

Using the Wasteland Wanderer rules we released alongside our Hollywood Heroes, Bottle & Cappy All Fizzed Up! will be able to join your crews in Nuka-World and beyond, eager and able to bring down all the wrath that irritable soft drink mascots can bear, so let's take a look at that…

Thanks to the great folks at Castle Brush Studios for bringing these fizzy chaps to life!

Using the Wasteland Wanderer rules presented in the Hollywood Heroes rules booklet, you can bring Bottle & Cappy into your crew during the Leg Up stage of gameplay, making sure that even the most advanced crews still have something to fear from the underdog. 

The murderous mascots come packing with two new weapons, Bottle’s Bladed Commie Whacker and Cappy’s Splattercannon, which look a little something like this:

As you can see, Cappy’s clearly looking to lay down some suppressing fire—giving his best buddy all the opportunity he needs to push down the field and really give their opponents what for with his Whacker. That’ll teach them for not savouring the great taste of Nuka-Cola!

Now, when we look at Bottle, what do we see? Well, clue’s in the name right? He’s big, he’s made of glass and he’s full of the most magnificent beverage to ever pass human lips - but how well can he take a hit? Well, he did meet Every Minimum Acceptable Safety Standard! This rule means even as the pair are being chipped away at by bomb, bullet and whatever else, they’ll keep on coming until you roll enough to actually get past their Endurance. No sneaking a few extra injuries through thanks to Harm! And you thought Power Armor was tough!

Now, I wouldn’t want to ruin all the fun and tell you everything - it’s going to be a lot more enjoyable to have a look for yourself and see where this terrible twosome will fit in your crew's plans. Just don’t think about how much Nuka-Cola you’ll need to drink to make them appear! 

Bottle & Cappy, All Fizzed Up are free to those who pre-order the Fallout Factions “Battle for Nuka-World” Starter Set via the Modiphius webstore. And will be available for a limited time on the Webstore from July 12th. After which they will only be available in limited numbers at conventions or live events, so be sure to get your hands on the iconic duo quickly!*

*Of course, we’re not monsters, and for those who want to make their own version - feel free! And remember to check the rules available on the Factions Download page.

Mr Fuzzy’s Infectious Enthusiasm

‘If you ever get down to Camden Park, you’ll probably meet Mr. Fuzzy. Not a clue who’s inside that freaky-ass suit, but can’t help but find their enthusiasm infectious.’

Mr. Fuzzy is more than a mascot. Mr. Fuzzy is an ideal. A transcendental being that exists only to bring joy and cat puns to this world. So, surely, it must be the darkest of days, because Mr. Fuzzy has abandoned us, leaving only a representative in his stead. At least, that’s how the woman currently wearing his ceremonial outfit sees it. Best leave her to it, it’s nice to have at least one point of consistent joy in this wild Wasteland.

Just released, you can get this promotional miniature for the Wilds of Appalachia from our US webstore and UK webstore.

A Blast From the Past with Ghoulish Remnants

‘It’s weird seeing them out in the streets, Ferals still wearing whatever rags they had before everything went to shit. Makes you remember that they were people once, something more than the crazed things they are now.’

Before the bombs dropped, most people were simply doing their best to ignore the impending doom brought on by the war. They dressed in the trappings of a normal life, their sunday best, work uniform, whatever kept the days rolling by. When a wave of nuclear radiation washed by, and their minds began to vanish as quickly as the world around them - the only scraps of their identities left were the clothes on their backs. Everything else is a faded memory, hidden behind an unquenchable, unknowable rage.

This new set of miniatures of 6 ghouls wearing a range of pre-war outfits can be purchased from our US webstore and UK webstore.

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