2d20 Rules Breakdown

By Georgie R.
Art by Thibault Ollier


Cohors Cthulhu is back with Modiphius Entertainment’s 2d20 system! A few things have been changed up, however, so that it's easier for newer players to jump in and to spice things up for returning veterans.

The 2d20 system is a cinematic RPG ruleset used in various roleplaying games that can be adapted for different game titles. Mutant Chronicles was the first title Modiphius published with this system and with a new entry to the series on the horizon, some changes have been made to reflect the new setting of ancient Rome. Whether part of a Germanic tribe or on the Senate floors of Rome, influence was critical in winning the hearts and minds of people. For the Cohors era, a new attribute called Gravitas has been added, allowing characters to make arguments and act with seriousness and dignity. 

With the shift from bullets and firearms to melee weapons, Cohors Cthulhu will have a stronger focus on this rather than the combat previously seen in Achtung! Cthulhu. Ranged combat will still be an option with weapons such as bows, spears and javelins, but melee combat in Cohors incorporates other concepts from other 2d20 System games. Melee weapons do provide Reach, and Guard is an important aspect of combat, but they have been incorporated to ensure that this form of combat is as robust as possible, which allows a complexity of choices similar to those seen in Achtung! Cthulhu or Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of. Hidden facets of player characters are also new for Cohors, these being Campfire Tales, Secret Truths and Hidden Talents, which give players the choice of leaving aspects of characters undefined when beginning their journey. These aspects are then “discovered” through play in 2nd century Rome. 

One of the most important aspects of characters in Cohors is their culture and caste as it determines certain aspects of their life within the ancient world. With Rome being so large and absorbing so many cultures and traditions, you can choose which part of the world you call home and how these may affect them in play. Society in this time also incorporated people of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, from the outcasts sitting on the fringes of society all the way up to patricians whose decisions guide the directions of the empire. Players can choose for their character of any caste and efforts have been taken to ensure that no specific caste is “better” than any other, whilst giving the player the option to choose these characteristics to build out the lore surrounding them. 

Like in Achtung! Cthulhu and Conan, Fortune and Momentum are still at play for characters to bolster their chances of success when making a skill test as well as Threat being a resource for the gamemaster to spend in scenarios. You’ll be able to take the reins in 2nd century Rome and face off against the Mythos cults involved in the secret wars to determine the very fate of humanity itself!

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