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""A masterful collection ...deserves to be read by anyone with an interest in original thought-provoking Sc-Fi"  The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

Ten insightful science fiction tales from one of British sci-fi and fantasy’s most intriguing authors.

John Houlihan is best known for his Cthulhu mythos and historical fantasy series, but this is his first major collection of sci-fi stories, including debut play, Bomber Command.

In Most Exalted, plunge into the starchy corridors of a veteran’s care home, where a former intergalactic tyrant has sought refuge from his many pursuers. But as his carefully constructed mask begins to slip, will his nefarious past finally catch up with him? 

In Charioteer, join Soola, sister and driver to gladiatorial champion Nique, in a far future where countries settle disputes the old fashioned way, trial by combat. As the eve of a great contest draws close and Nique grows ever more arrogant and dissolute, will Soola finally step out of his shadow and embrace her true destiny? 

In The Constellation of Alarion, a fabulous treasure lies hidden in the midst of a deadly labyrinth. Three intergalactic rogues have set their hearts on gaining this great treasure, if they can overcome the maze’s many lethal traps and their own bumbling inadequacies. 

Explore ten tantalising tales and take a glimpse into a beguiling sci-fi future from one of fantastic fiction’s most fascinating talents.

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