Star Trek Adventures: Ends and Means - PDF

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Action, diplomacy and adventure on a world riven by factional strife

"STARDATE 48326.3,  our mission is to proceed to the Federation protectorate world of Tolen IV to help mediate a disagreement between two rival factions. 

"The government of Tolen IV wishes to remain under the Federation’s protection, with the hopes of joining as a member world later. Their opposition wishes for Tolen IV to withdraw itself from Federation protection to take its place in the galactic community on its own terms. Tolen IV is located near the Romulan Neutral Zone and, thus, is in a strategic location for Starfleet to monitor Romulan activity and is also rich in dilithium, tritanium, and trillium-D, so the mining rights of the planet’s surface are of great interest to the Tolen people and to their more powerful neighbours. 

"This will require all my crew's skills of tact, diplomacy and negotiation, if we're to come to a peaceful resolution which satisfies both factions, as well as the interests of Starfleet." 

This standalone 24 page PDF adventure by Troy Mepyans for the Star Trek Adventures RPG,  pitches your Starfleet crew into the middle of a tense negotiation between the rival factions of Tolen IV.

Can you bring an end to the dispute before it spills over into civil war and how will you react when events take a turn for the worse, sending your crew tumbling into a world of intrigue, action and adventure?

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UK Games Expo Feedback

This was one of three official adventures that I ran during the UK Games Expo 2019, and it was a blast . . . Almost literally!

The mission book is well laid out with most of the notable NPCs on a page by themselves made referencing them throughout the mission really simple.

The mission itself is quite interesting with Starfleet ending up carrying out an investigation on a not particularly welcoming planet. I would recommend this wholeheartedly for any diplomatically based crew/ship, but it would also make a nice detour for any ship that might challenge them in a different way to how they’re used to working!

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