Seven Sinners

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Seven Sacred Virtues,
Seven Times Subverted.

Seven Cults,
Seven Deadly Sins.

Seven Kings,
Seven Crowns.

Seven Times Damned!

Seven Sinners describes a temptingly corrupt vision that brings to life the embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins, and presents them as demonic opponents and their minions to infest your game world.

Seven Sinners is a collection of Cultists, Demons and Relics compatible with the 1st Edition (OSRIC) and 5th Edition of the world’s most famous role-playing game.

Inside this 92 page full-coloured hardcover book, you will be faced with:

  • Seven in-depth descriptions of the Seven Deadly Sins, how they impact the game world, the creatures that embody them, and magic items associated with them.
  • Seven descriptions and statblocks of Demon Rulers, one for each sin, and the devastating powers they possess.
  • Descriptions and statblocks for Minor Cultists and Zealots of each of the seven sins.
  • The eighth unknown Lord which manifests only when all others have been defeated.
  • Inspiration and guidance on how to integrate these Demons of Sin and the plague of their Sin Cults into your own game world.

This manual contains images and text of a mature nature, including violence and sexual themes, and is intended for an adult audience.

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