KULT: Divinity Lost - And the Rockets Red Glare (PDF)

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This scenario explores the dark world of KULT: Divinity Lost and the system that imprisons us and keeps us sedated. Our Jailers and their puppets exist in positions of power in companies, religions and governments in every nation. They pull their strings from the shadows or hide behind false faces serving their unseen masters: The Archons and the Death Angels. None of the Jailers, whatever they say or promise, wishes mankind any good. It is just another type of imprisonment. 
This is a tale of one such power struggle – on the very highest level.
It is worth noting that this scenario is a work of fiction. Characters, locations and incidents are portrayed from the metaphorical viewpoint of the KULT: Divinity Lost setting.
"It is early November 2016 and the Trump campaign is getting ready to make its final push towards the White House. For months, he has been playing to the basest urges of the American populace: the need for more. More safety, more money, more guns, more of everything. His followers have been whipped into a frenzy, waiting to strike at the polls. The whole country is wound as tight as a fiddle-string, and that’s exactly the way Trump wants it."

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