Historia - Maps Pack (PDF)

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The Historia Maps Pack PDF will guide players through the world of Vesteria, dreaming of new adventures.

Includes the world map of Vesteria and maps of locations that appear in the Core Rulebook and the Adventures Book.

Includes the following:

  • World Map
  • Mercy Island Map
  • Ridigulph's Home Map
  • Wegener's Palace Map
  • Villa del Lago Map
  • Brunascio Map
  • Pirate's Isle Map
  • Three Mill House Map
  • Altabreccia Map
  • The Battle of the Scarlett Bight Map
  • Confederation Map
  • Holy Kingdom Map
  • The Green Pit Map
  • The Avian Islands Map

Historia is a Renaissance Dark Fantasy setting for the fifth edition of the world’s greatest role-playing game that introduces the continent of Vesteria, a ruthless land, full of intrigue and populated by anthropomorphic animals.

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