Fragged Empire 2nd Edition Adventure: Eat Cake

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The first thing you notice is the red flashing lights as your eyes flicker open. You can barely feel your body as warmth slowly returns to you following your week-long cryogenic sleep. Heat is pumped through the gel that surrounds you, shifting it from freezing to comfortable. Turning your head slightly you catch a glimpse of a crewmate in a similar pod.

You have been asleep for a week and remember that you’re on your way to the Denovo IV space station in the outer reaches of the Haven system to trade supplies for a rare jump drive from a quirky Legion hermit named Margetz.

But of course, things are never that simple.

It is then that you notice that the blinking red lights are an alarm; there is an issue on the ship...

A 40-page, full colour, softcover adventure for Fragged Empire 2nd Edition.

  • Ideal adventure for new GMs and PCs.
  • Combats balanced for: Levels 1-3.
  • Expected duration: 2-3 sessions.
  • Rough style: chaotic dungeon crawl.
  • Includes 4 pre-gen PCs.

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