Five Parsecs From Home: Tactics

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Unleash bigger battles, wider conflicts, and new stories, spanning solo, head-to-head, and campaign play in this completely stand-alone scenario-driven variation of the popular Five Parsecs from Home tabletop game.

Tactics takes adventure wargaming from starports and back alleys to the battlefields of Unified Space. This scenario-focused version of Five Parsecs from Home is all about creativity:

The 212-page, full colour, Royal-size (15.6cm x 23.4cm) hardcover features:

  • Play solo or with friends, in single games or campaigns, with or without a Game Master.
  • Make your own scenarios for the troops you choose, playing games your way.
  • Tactics allows you to take Five Parsecs beyond small skirmishes to multi-unit battles: Big tanks, big monsters, big events, and platoons of troops slugging it out.
  • Features an array of troops, characters, creatures, and situations.
  • Packed with random tables to keep you facing the unexpected.
  • Tactics is also a stand-alone game, yet fully compatible with 5PFH, with rules for transferring characters and events between the systems.



Great for individual battles, Tactics is even better for campaign gaming.

  • Play battles that feed into each other, creating an overarching storyline.
  • Multiple scenario types, from skirmishes to grand battles and evolving objectives.
  • Story Event Generation table.
  • 100 scenario seeds.
  • Advancement system allowing troops to gain experience as well as your favorite characters.
  • More detailed advancement system to create exciting stories with the potential to surprise you at every turn.


Enjoy one-off battles between multiple players:

  • Points-built armies.
  • Army building guidelines.
  • Suitable for friendly club tournament play.


Combat rules include ‘AI’ mechanics for solo play, managing the enemy while you command your own forces.

  • Game Mastering advice for objectives, side plots, complications and scenario components.
  • Solo campaign rules to allow vast story arcs.
  • Scenarios and options aimed specifically for the solo experience.
  • Expand solo play to two or more people on the same side against the AI enemy.


Or simply blend the options! Play a friend head-to-head, continue your story in a solo campaign, then join up again for a Game Mastered scenario... all in the same storyline! A group of friends could even run a shared story in separate parts of a much larger conflict.

You will receive a complementary digital edition immediately after purchase.

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