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Five Parsecs From Home is a solo adventure wargame where you assemble a ragtag crew of galactic trailblazers and head out to explore the stars, pick up jobs, and every now and then —  engage in some action-packed, sci-fi combat!

Battles are procedurally generated with huge combinations of enemies, weapons, battlefield circumstances and objectives whether fighting rivals or carrying out jobs.

With each encounter you earn experience and loot, progressing your crew and story as you send your crew to look for contacts, trade, explore the colony, recruit replacements or train up their skills.

The game is playable with any miniatures you have on hand and requires only a small number to get started, making it ideal for both experienced and new science fiction gamers. All you need is a few six-sided dice and a couple of ten-sided dice. 

  • 184 page PDF packed full of full-colour art
  • A fast-moving system, built for solo gaming from the ground up.
  • RPG-lite adventure wargame experience with miniatures.
  • Create a wide range of characters whether human, alien or robot.*
  • Miniatures agnostic - use whatever you have
  • After each battle, your crew may die from their injuries or level up and find new items and information.
  • Upgrade your starship with expansion modules *
  • Procedurally generate a huge array of possible missions, with more than 50 enemy types.
  • Random tables for towns, trade, character events and starship travel.
  • 5 difficulty settings and super-hard Black and Red Zone jobs*
  • Extensive options for Game Mastering scenarios, allowing complex RPG-like campaigns to be played with connected scenario plots, environmental hazards and factional conflict.*
  • 7 stage narrative solo campaign*

This is a full retail edition of the community favourite solo sci-fi wargame by Ivan Sorensen of Nordic Weasel games and comes with lots of new content (noted with a * above), full graphic layout design and lots of stunning full-colour art throughout. 

Keep an eye on the official home for the living FAQ and bonus content and blogs!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I got this digital copy so I can take 5PFH with me when I am waiting. Sometimes you have a hardcopy book, sometimes you don't! I enjoy this game system!

A Universe within a Book

Bought this book on a gamble as I've been looking to scratch a wargaming itch and due to lockdown, family etc, playing against another person is sometimes difficult.

To summarise- this game blew me away. It's like a skirmish game, RPG, and choose your own adventure book all rolled into one.

The Pre and Post battle sequences are just as engaging and fun as the actual battles.

The battles are fast paced, and really play well using an 'AI', letting you feel like you're contesting against a real opponent.

I've just finished my first quest and have murdered two rivals, lost a patron to betrayal and gained a Nemesis who will stalk me through the stars...and that's after 5 games.

I'll be hoovering up every attachment that's released.

By far my top skirmish game.

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