Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Terrain Expansion: Settlement Work Benches

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Your settlement is your home, your place, your refuge. When you need rest or to recharge and get ready for the next fight, this is where you go. Settlements contain all sorts of useful gear and tech, not least of which are the work benches where you can craft, mod and improve all your weaponry and equipment.

The workshop is the heart of any settlement. Without this multi-use, multi-tool setup there’d be no way of setting up junk barricades, tilling soil to grow food, or building dwellings. It’s also the core target for most raids, as it stores spare junk and materials from the whole settlement. Other workbenches specialise in their applications, but without the workshop, nothing gets made.

Armor workbenches are your first step towards survival in the wasteland. It’s all well and good having plate of metal stitched together, but if you don’t reinforce and look after it any wild shot could rapid end your wandering days. Upgrade, add pockets or padding, and generally keep yourself looking dressed up to the nines even the in the sturdiest combat armor with this setup.

For the chem connoisseur, there’s only one way forward – getting high on your own supply. Jet, mentats, buffout and more are all available if you’ve got the makings and steady hands. Chemistry stations mean fewer impurities and better effects to all the best combat winning, life save and mind enhancing substances you could want.

If you’re more in the market for heavy firepower in battle, the Weapons workbench is your best friend. Mod and customise your favour weapons so that they keep up with the tougher enemies you’ll have to face the further afield you venture. Add burning rounds, strap scopes to your guns and up the calibre of all your firearms to take on all comers.  

All the guns in the world won’t help if you get slashed by a Deathclaw or stomped by a Behemoth. You’ll need power armor, upgraded to face threats of all types in the wasteland. No normal human can easily hold any mark of power armor and weld at the same time; that’s where the power armor frame comes into its own. Get to those hard to reach places, then modify them with coatings and paint jobs so that the enemy can’t get to those hard to reach places. You’ll thank your lucky stars down the line. 

This boxed set contains five 32mm scale multi-part high quality resin terrain piece miniatures to allow players to expand their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games.

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Lenn Beckaert

Perfect models and highly detailt!!!!!!!!

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