Fallout: The Roleplaying Game - Fully Operational (PDF)

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Scavenging Run!

Few tools of pre-War America have developed as much notoriety across the Wasteland as a fully operational suit of Power Armor, a symbol of status, of wealth, and strength. Most wastelanders would give their last cap, sell out a friend, or even kill to get their hands on a set.

In this digital adventure for Fallout The Roleplaying Game, a former Brotherhood of Steel Scribe has identified the location of a previously-undiscovered West-Tek facility. Rumour has it that they may have been developing prototype Power Armor and other tech, but the site  has been lost since the bombs fell. A journey through the Wasteland is likely to be fraught with danger, but this is a prime opportunity for a scavenging run that simply can’t be passed up. You’ll have to head out to investigate, but it had better be worth the risk…

The Fully Operational PDF features:

  • A 23-page adventure in three acts for character levels 16-20.
  • An abandoned West-Tek facility to explore.
  • Several departments to scavenge including: Manufacturing, Weapons Testing, and Research and Design.
  • New tech to discover and decisions to be made about its future.


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