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Ruins of Paradise, The City of Sighs

Almost thirty miles wide, the city of Emerta dominates the Emerta-Valo region of Evera Prime. Built as a technologically advanced paradise by the Everans of old, every aspect of the city’s design was intended to be perfect: from its pristine and clear spaces, and its beautiful boulevards, to its towering buildings and idyllic homes – life in Emerta was one of the utmost luxury.

But when the Builder’s War broke out, Emerta – and many other metropolises like it – became brutal and bloody battlegrounds as the mechs that had once supported life obliterated it with ruthless efficiency and single-minded purpose. Since then, Emerta has sat empty – bereft of life, but with untold treasures, mysteries, and dangers lurking within.

These ancient ruins and all that reside within them await any who are bold enough to explore them.

The Emerta-Valo Setting Guide, the latest expansion for Dreams and Machines, takes players and gamemasters alike deep into a brand-new slice of Evera Prime. This book provides enterprising gamemasters with all the information they need to transport their players to the ruined streets of the City of Sighs and the wider Emerta-Valo region around it. Also included are several write-ups on existing locations from Regis-Kastell for you to use in your adventures: the Deepwoods Archives, Elion Hill, and Padrol Tower.

Players will find brand-new character options to ensure their experience of Emerta-Valo and the wider Dreams and Machines universe remains fresh and unique with each passing adventure. Dive into your next adventure as a message-carrying Courier, or a Teller – an undisputed master of history and recounter of mysterious tales.

The full-colour, 128-page hardcover Emerta-Valo Setting Guide contains:

  • 5 new locations for you to explore, rendered in all their detail so gamemasters can slide them seamlessly into new or existing campaigns set in the Dreams and Machines universe.
  • A complete guide on how to use the new urban Hexploration rules, so you can personalise your adventures into the City of Sighs.
  • 2 new archetypes - the Courier and the Teller - as well as over 40 brand-new talents and guidance on both secret Truths and hidden talents to help make your next character as unique and exciting as the world of Evera Prime.
  • A whole host of new GLIFs, weapons, armor and clothing, tools, and vehicles for you to outfit your player characters with.

Requires the Dreams and Machines Player’s Guide and the Dreams and Machines Gamemaster’s Guide.

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