Rangers of Shadow Deep Standard Edition

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This new Rangers of Shadow Deep book is a brand new retail edition, with a matt laminate cover and updates to the core rules, making it the most definitive version of the game to date.

A kingdom stands on the brink of destruction, as the vast realm called the Shadow Deep slowly swallows everything in its path. As the army fights to contain the tide of evil creatures teeming up out of the black clouds, the kingdom’s best soldiers, the rangers, must venture down into the shadows to gather information, rescue prisoners, and ambush enemy supply lines. It is a desperate fight against overwhelming odds, but every little victory brings another day of hope.

- Brand new layout with a dozen new pieces of art from Barrett Stanley

- Solo and co-operative tabletop miniatures game from the creator of Frostrgrave and Ghost Archipelago Joseph A. McCullough

- Create your ranger, gather companions, and play through a series of missions in a fight to hold back the darkness. 

- Survive and you will grow in power and ability, and be sent on more difficult, dangerous and intricate assignments. 

- Includes updated core rules combined with character-building elements first presented in Temple of Madness. 

- New ‘Challenge Levels’ for all the scenarios can be used when playing with 3 or 4 rangers to ramp up the difficulty, or if you want to replay the scenario with a higher-level Ranger. 

This book contains the rules only, requires a couple of twenty-sided dice, a deck of standard playing cards, inch ruler and miniatures to play!

You will receive a FREE PDF on completion of order.


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Customer Reviews

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Excellent creation of a gaming Mastermind

RoSD is an excellent game with smooth playing rules, an intriguing setting and engulfing background story. Game mechanics are identical to Frostgrave so the entry barrier for gamers familiar with Joseph Mac Cullough's d20 game mechanics, is almost non-existent. Playing RoSD using the same stat blocks as Frostgrave which enables wizard characters, henchmen, captains, monsters etc. to step into another world and storyline. Playing a ranger with NPC's is absolutely FUN! The rulebook contains three Missions and a large campaign that provides many many hours of exciting game play, setting up terrain (no snow and ice this time) and creating a ranger with heroic abilities and/or some spells and equipment fit for the job ahead. Terrain can be set up with everything one can imagine that represents the environment needed for a mission. Completely JmcC style. :)
This game is absolutely worth looking into and giving it a try on your tabletop.
With friends that enjoy tabletop gaming or ........ solo! As RoSD has wonderful game mechanics to play missions or and entire campaign solo with your ranger and some henchmen.
I'm hooked and am pretty happy with my ranger at level 11 from starting from scratch at level 0.
Give RoSD a try and find out for yourself. See you in the Shadow Deep!

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