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Get all three Legends of Avallen PDFs in this discount bundle deal!

  • Legends of Avallen Core Rules
  • Against the Faerie Queene Campaign
  • Art of Against the Faerie Queene

Legends of Avallen

Inspired by Celtic mythology in Roman Britain, Legends of Avallen is a roleplaying game that takes you to a mystical island occupied by faithless invaders. For now, peace has been called but it balances on a sword’s edge as all seek to tame the Otherworld—a parallel realm home to fae, demons, dragons, and gods.

On Avallen, the greatest legends rise from humble beginnings, and yours will be no different. The shepherd ordained as a Druid, the bard reborn as a Fae Touched, the thief who found glory as a Gladiator. What tales will be told of you? Will you mend the rifts between worlds, or delve into their depths for fame, fortune, and power?

Legends of Avallen is a complete tabletop roleplaying game in one incredibly illustrated 244-page PDF.

  • Quick character creation with deep character growth. Witness your humble townsperson rise into legend with 40 profession, martial, magic, and legendary ability schools.
  • Engaging mechanics that reward ingenuity. Setup allies in combat, uncover motivations in parleys, craft gear from slain monsters, and navigate risks on epic journeys.
  • An original ruleset that needs just a deck of regular playing cards. Get creative with your surroundings and work together with your friends to earn more cards for checks.
  • Extensive guides, tools, world lore, and a bestiary full of Celtic creatures to help Gamemasters craft their own unique quests.
  • Includes “Quest for the Sealing Stone”, an introductory adventure that teaches your aspiring heroes the game rules as you play.

Against the Faerie Queene

The Faerie Queene orchestrates an aeons-old quest for vengeance from the eerie twilight of the Otherworld. In Avallen, her hidden agents fulfil her bidding in rebellion against clans and gods alike. But the ancient fae cannot anticipate new heroes who are bold enough to rise against her. Dare you stand Against the Faerie Queene?

Against the Faerie Queene is a 370 page epic fantasy campaign book full of Celtic mythology, daring adventure, ENNIE award-nominated artwork, and new character options for heroes of levels 1-10 in Legends of Avallen and 5th Edition.

  • Brave Epic Quests. Be swept across the Celtic inspired clanlands of Avallen in this branching, fifteen-part adventure where the fate of both mortals and the divine hang in the balance. Your heroes will slay beasts in a mythical hunt, embroil themselves in royal politics, strategise daring heists, encounter unthinkable horrors, and finally stand against the Faerie Queene in an otherworldly dungeon delve. 
  • Unravel Dark Schemes. Beneath the surface of these branching adventures thrums a deeper narrative: the ancient designs of the Faerie Queene. A tale woven from threads of passion, tragedy, and vengeance. Aeons in the making, this plot gradually reveals itself through the campaign's twists and turns. A tapestry rich with prophecies, legendary artifacts, formidable adversaries, capricious fae, and the mysteries of the Otherworld.
  • Choose your Legendary Path. Features new Legendary Paths for Legends of Avallen's humble Professions, including the true-name manipulating Enwyr and the battle-bot-crafting Automaficer, as well as 5th Edition character options for all fifteen Legendary Paths, including the Fae-Touched and the Gladiator!
  • Explore the Isles of Avallen. Includes overviews of the five Vallic clans, the Raxian invaders, and the Fae families, along with 40 short stories and poems inspired by British Celtic tales such as those found in the Branches of the Mabinogi, Historia Regum Britanniae and the Faerie Queene.
  • New Gamemaster Content. Includes full colour maps, 50 Vallic, Raxian and Otherworldly NPCs, 30 Celtic inspired monsters, 25 magical items tied into the adventures, and 5th Edition adaptations of the Legends of Avallen Parley, Stealth, Monster Tells, and Journey systems.

Art of Against the Faerie Queene

This 176 page, full colour art book details the creativity and inspirations behind the ENNIE award-nominated illustrations for the Celtic fantasy campaign book, Against the Faerie Queene.

  • Discover the British history and Celtic legends behind the Against the Faerie Queene campaign book. Explore passages from real Celtic tales from the Branches of the Mabinogi, Historia Regum Britanniae and the Faerie Queene.
  • Delve into the beautiful concept work and full spread illustrations that went into making our world of Avallen and its characters, including director's commentary.
  • Gain insight into the behind-the-scenes design decisions made by our artists and writers in the design of characters, encounters, and adventures!

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