Legends of Avallen - Against the Faerie Queene Art Book

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“The King gathered a mighty army together and went his way into the province of Cornwall and set fire to the cities and castles therein. When they met face to face in battle, Gorlois was amongst the first that were slain, and all his companies were scattered. The King was sore grieved at the death of Gorlois, yet could he not but be glad that Igerne was released from the bond of matrimony. Thereafter were they linked together in no little mutual love, and two children were born unto them, a son and a daughter, whereof the son was named Arthur and the daughter Anna.”

—Historia Regum Britanniae, on the birth of King Arthur

This 176 page, hardcover, full colour art book details the creativity and inspirations behind the ENNIE award-nominated illustrations for the Celtic fantasy campaign book, Against the Faerie Queene.


  • Discover the British history and Celtic legends behind the Against the Faerie Queene campaign book. Explore passages from real Celtic tales from the Branches of the Mabinogi, Historia Regum Britanniae and the Faerie Queene.
  • Delve into the beautiful concept work and full spread illustrations that went into making our world of Avallen and its characters, including director's commentary.
  • Gain insight into the behind-the-scenes design decisions made by our artists and writers in the design of characters, encounters, and adventures!

Along with this art book, get the Against the Faerie Queene campaign book, deck of cards, and the Legends of Avallen rulebook in our epic bundle deal!

You will receive the complementary PDF immediately upon purchase.

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