Mutant: Year Zero Gamesmaster Screen

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The official Gamemaster Screen for Mutant: Year Zero is a high quality product to help power your Mutant: Year Zero adventures. The exterior outside features beautiful full colour artwork, and the inside cover contains all of the tables and charts needed to create the Zone, build the Ark and fight deadly battles in the world of Mutant: Year Zero.

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Customer Reviews

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Rob Mac
Great product.

This is, physically, one of the best screens I have, if not the best.
Inside it included weapons charts, range bands, and a host of information for creating a scenario on the fly (useful if your players complete the original objective too quickly and you need to produce more for the session).

That all being said, it is a GM screen, for a dice pool system. If you don't usually use one, you may not start now, so, it may see limited use at your table.

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