Fragged Empire - Rachel Swagger's Guide to Mishpacha

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A Region-Based Expansion for the Fragged Empire RPG

“Your introduction is fine,” Theo continued, with the b arest hint of a smil e. He leaned back in his pilot chair, hands crossed like he was giving fatherly advice. “But a travel guide to Mishpacha isn’t going to sell. And if it’s popular, then everyone will just pirate a copy off the Digit al Stream, so you’ll have wasted your time.”

“I’m not in this for the money…” Rachel began, snatching up the datapad, “What I write might actually help people. And what you write, if you were interested.”

“If it means that much to you, then write away,” Theo replied. He’d already pulled a metallic cigarette packet out of his pocket and was looking over their landing trajectory. “But we’re heading to Mishpacha on business. Don’t be dragging us into tourist traps on account of your little side project.”

“Heaven forbid we have any fun.”

“Alright,” Theo conceded, rolling his eyes. He closed the cigarette packet with a flick of his wrist, then used it to point at Rachel. “Your nagging does not fall upon deaf Credit-obsessed ears; this could raise my industry expert profile anyway. But if the book t akes off, I w ant a cut.”

“According to you it definitely won’t, so thanks for the free labour.”

“Don’t sass me, Swagger.”

Mishpacha hung in space before them, its ve rdant vastness of green dwarfing any planet Rachel had ever seen.

Ravaged by war, teeming with life, ready and waiting for new people, and new memories. They took a moment to simply gaze at the planet.

“We’re clear,” Theo said after a few moments, breaking the silence. “Commencing descent.”

The engines fired, the planet drew closer, and the Galatea began its descent to the sur face with Rachel already mulling over some quirky chapter titles for her future bestseller.


  • 165 page.
  • 3 new Playable Races (Oni, Tolatl and Half Bloods).
  • 13 maps.
  • 25+ new locations.
  • 16 Racial Traits.
  • 40+ new Misc Items.
  • New Minion Weapons.
  • New Colony rules.

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