Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Scenic Bundle

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For the full experience of wargaming in the wasteland look no further than the Fallout Wasteland Warfare - Scenic Bundle!

Create lavish vistas for your narrative gameplay, explore the remains of the world before the War. Will you eek out an existence, skittering from ruin to ruin? Will your clanking robots stomp through the wasteland on inscrutable and esoteric missions, locked on targets?

With this set you fully realise the wasteland on your tabletop, creating battlefields and narrative settings ready to dive into with your warbands and forces. The high quality resin terrain creates endless scenery setups, allowing you to create gaming boards for multiple scenarios. Need to rescue Brotherhood of Steel scribes from a crashed vertibird? Solo exploring the remnants of a Red Rocket looking for long lost Vault Tec Supplies? What about a full pitched battle, manning the barricades with turret support as the wasteland throughs wave after wave of creatures at you? It’s all possible with the Scenic Bundle. The Wasteland is a clustered and rubble strewn place, and this product lets you experience every part of it. 

This Bundle pack contains high quality resin 32mm scenery pieces to create and detail your gaming tables and provide thematic scenario situations. Supplied unpainted. miniatures shown for scale only. 

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Red Rocket Scenic Set
Heavy Consoles
Radioactive Containers
Vault Tec Supplies
Nuka Cola Machines
Corvega Sedan
Junk Barricades
Military Barricades
Crashed Vertibird
Vault Tec Lockers
Boston Streets Scatter
Boston Searchables
Cases and Crates


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