Nuka Cola Girl | Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniature

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Everybody loves that Nuka!

Each bottle of Nuka Cola packs a powerful punch, and now you can bring that power to the wasteland with everyone's favorite gun-toting mascot - Nuka Girl! Have you come across bad guys with no taste? Now you can make sure they never taste anything again. Have you always wanted to zap thirst (and your foes)? ZAAAP! And the thirst is gone. All with Nuka Cola’s own, Nuka Girl!

A single miniature of the iconic Nuka-Cola girl, previously only available as part of the launch pre-order bundle. Nuka Cola girl is a character created by the Nuka Cola Corporation whose image adorns promotional material all across the wasteland, however lucky survivors can find her outfit and weapons...

This model is produced in multi-part high-quality resin and includes a unique scenic base. Supplied un-painted. 

Please note - this pack does not contain the cards required to be played with. The cards can be found as a free download here:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lovely Model!

Love having this character available. Where's the stat card? Link on this page is broken. Planning to run her as a Synth proxy. What are others using?

Martin Kragl
Finally got it!

I always wanted to get my hands on this minuature and to my surprise the package also included all relevant cards!

Great addition to the Survivor Faction

Again, a very good model from Modiphius. Nuka Girl has very interesting abilities. The Thirst Zapper is not a very powerful weapon, but she is fast and agile, and basically heroic by default.

Nice babe

Fine details, no flash, nice base. I'll soon give her a couple of brush strokes. Interesting skills, also ; medium firepower but great swiftness : I guess she could be a great objectives catcher in the battle map or act as an assault/assassin unit.

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