Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - NCR: Promo NCR Ranger

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In the baking deserts of the Mojave Wasteland only the strong survive. From the east come the hordes of Caesar’s Legion, from the west the hegemonic NCR spread their version of law and order. The sparkling prize of New Vegas lays in the middle, with only the Hoover Dam in the way.

Intelligence, grit, and high-powered weaponry will win the day, and the NCR Rangers bring all three to the fight. Mask set, duster fluttering in the wind, they stand ready to defend their borders and the glittering jewel of pre-war Nevada.

This promo NCR Ranger miniature does not come with game cards,  it is an online promo shipping now, to launch the forthcoming expansion - game cards will be included in the expansion box at launch and as online downloads. 

This boxed set contains one 32mm scale multi-part high quality resin NCR miniature, with unique scenic base, to allow players to expand their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

beautiful mini, came rather quick. can't wait to paint it.

A Stunning piece of work

Absolutely the best resin model I've ever worked with. After messing with, and painting Games Workshop resin figures, I was expecting a lot of work from this - but was very pleasantly surprised to find clean-up to be a swift and easy affair. Very little flashing and little in the way of mold lines, a quick bath in warm water and it took primer well. Lots of little detail, which makes it all the easier to bring out the best in this stunning little model. A must have, even if you don't plan on playing Wasteland Warfare, but instead are just a fan of New Vegas and miniature painting as a whole.

My only complaint is that the barrel of the Anti-Material rifle was a little bit bent, but I was able to force it back straight for the most part with a little bit of effort. Other than that? More or less perfect.

Daniel Ramos
The most beautiful model in the Fallout range

Both the base and the model are of high quality and great detail as well as faithful towards the original design of the most iconic armor in the game as well as one of my favorite weapons in all of the franchise (The Anti-Materiel Rifle), which gave me a lot of joy in assembling, painting and proudly display it in my collection (right next to a replica of the Lucky 38 Platinum Chip).

Despite the issues mentioned in the other reviews, the problems were simple enough to fix.

Iconic character

A striking, iconic pose and a highly detailed miniature. The only reason I'm docking a point is my print was a bit disappointing in a couple of areas, down his leg and on the back of his hand were a bit rough and my gun barrel is a little wonky, considering the rest of the model was so crispy I feel it was a slight issue with the print and was tempted to return it, however it wasn't that bad and I wanted to crack on with him tonight so I decided to keep him.

As the other reviewer pointed out he doesn't sit fully flush on the base, even after trimming the pins, his right foot floats a bit off the ground, it's not the worst offender I've experienced but when a sculpt is this nice small issues stick out like a sore thumb.

Overall very pleased but with a few disappointing niggles.

Solid model

Thos is the first model i have bought for this game, mostly to see the quality if the sculpting, and i'm certainly not dissapointed. The resin is well cast with no air bubbles, slips or warps; the sniper barrel especially is perfectly straight. This is certainly good casting, better than certain other companies i could mention. My only complaints would be that the size of the slots on the base are slightly larger than the pins themselves, leaving noticeable gaps on the base where the models feet are, and the gun arm is connected to its sprue part by the elbow, meaning a slight loss of detail when it is cut from that sprue part. While the gaps at the feet are easily covered with green stuff, i would prefer to see the gun arm connected on a space where there isn't any detail to be lost, such as on the bottom of the trigger grip

Overall, i'm happy with the miniature, and i can't wait to get started on the paintjob

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