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The Wasteland is rife with many dangers for the unwary, and few of those that travel through its deadly expanse tend to stray far from the nearest shelter. For though the great cities of the United States now lie in ruin, there are numerous settlements scattered throughout the Wasteland, built upon the ashes of what once stood before.

Those that dwell within such structures rely upon the remnants of old buildings and what scraps they can find to construct defenses against the Wasteland’s predators. Such places are also dependent on supplies of food and water, for the greater the number of people within a settlement, the greater the demand for resources. Though there is safety in numbers, the settlements within the Wasteland make tempting targets for those looking for a haven of their own.

Homestead is an expansion to the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Settlement mode and allows players to fully map out their base of operations within the Wasteland. Set up your starting Settlement and expand upon it by constructing new buildings and defenses. As your Settlement develops, you’ll need to manage the resources that you have available to provide water and power to the structures within.

Within this digital packet, you’ll find new Explore and Event cards with a theme of protecting your Settlement and focus on making it grow and thrive within a hostile Wasteland. The expansion also includes a Survival mode that allows players to create a roster of units representing the inhabitants of their Settlement. In Survival mode, the damage the units take is carried over from one game to the next, along with new rules for determining the fate of your units that are injured in battle.

In addition, Homestead includes a new scenario for defending your Settlement against attacks from enemy factions as well as new rules for recording damage and repairs to the Settlement’s buildings and Defenses.

This digital expansion includes:

  • A 34-page PDF booklet with the rules needed to add the Homestead Expansion into the Settlement Mode of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare
  • New scenarios for fighting battles within your own Wasteland Settlement
  • Rules for the Settlement Survival Mode
  • 79 new printable cards for the Settlement mode expansion
  • A Survival Mode Roster
  • A Settlement Layout Grid

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Customer Reviews

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Julien Cloutier
Great expansion

Great expansion for the settlement. It's a must! Im slowly building my settlement out of cardstock and cardboard right now and im having a blast with it. The new rules are making your settlement more realistic and more persistent. Your building can take damages from an enemy raid and not function until you do some repair. I also like the survival mode. Your unit are carried over and you record their stat and damage on a roster sheet. If you cant completely heal them on a settlement use, damage and penalty left are caried over the next mission. The only complain i can make is the resolution of the pdfs (specialy for event and explore cards printing) are a bit to low to my taste. The image of the vault boy and the efftect/die icon on the cards are quite pixelated. That's why i didnt put 5 stars

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