Dune: Coriolis Storm (PDF)

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In Coriolis Storm, you will learn that ‘shelter’ and ‘safety’ are very different things. Crossing the desert in an ornithopter leads the player characters to investigate an emergency assistance request from the Makreedi Weather Station, a remote, lightly-staffed research station deep in the deserts of Arrakis. A dangerous coriolis storm is approaching the station but the nature of the assistance request doesn’t seem entirely related to the storm. The player characters are closest to the station and the only group that could respond to the urgent request in time.

After reaching the weather station, the player characters don’t have long before the storm reaches full strength, so time is immediately a factor. But all is not as it seems and the investigation may take long enough that the storm forces them to take shelter while potential dangers threaten their safety from within as well as without.

Ultimately, the conclusion of the adventure comes when the players have uncovered the problem and dealt with (or survived) the threats, but several suggestions are provided throughout that allow gamemasters to tailor the adventure to their own campaigns, including alternative motives, antagonists, and outcomes which mean that players can be kept guessing until the final act.

This standalone 24-page PDF adventure for Dune - Adventures in the Imperium is a location-based and time-sensitive investigation mission. Several tools are provided to aid the gamemaster in managing the flow of actions and events.

You will need access to the game rules to play. The Dune - Adventures in the Imperium Core Rulebook has these rules in their most complete form. However, the Agents of Dune campaign box set also contains all you need to play.


Dune © Legendary. Dune: Adventures in the Imperium is an officially sub-licensed property from Gale Force Nine, a Battlefront Group Company.

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