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Put on your armour, draw your sword, light your torch and enter the dark ruins. The are mysteries to solve, treasures to find and monsters to defeat!

With Fantasy! – Old School Gaming you can travel back to the early days of roleplaying when games where easier to play, more fun and dangerous. Here you will find everything you need to play: rules, monsters, a campaign and an adventure.

Fantasy! – Old School Gaming is a Swedish best selling roleplaying game, now in English for the first time! 

This is the final updated version. Now in proper English. (Thanks to Chris Gonnerman and James Lemon.) And with some new and better art as well!

"The game has easy and fast rules that are suitable for beginners that want to play a role playing game for the first time or role playing veterans who are tired of rule-heavy systems.

Fantasy! is for those who want to tell a good story rather than simulate an alternate reality. It is also a role playing game that focuses on Old School Gaming, where storytelling, ingenuity and finesse is more important than detailed rules. Or any rules for that matter. 

The most important rule in Fantasy! is that any rule can be cancelled and changed by the game master if it improves the game. The rules are there to support her and must never get in the way of the story that the players and the game master tell together."


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