Fabula Ultima Atlas: High Fantasy (PDF)

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An epic journey will guide you beyond
what you have ever imagined you could be.

Destiny itself shall bow
before the fires in your hearts!


Fabula Ultima Atlas: High Fantasy will expand your Fabula Ultima games and guide you into a world of ancient mysteries, breathtaking views, incredible magic, and powerful beings. Like the heroes of legend and myth, your characters will start from humble origins and set off towards a glorious fate, eventually rising high enough to challenge the gods in true JRPG style!

The 200-page, full colour PDF Fabula Ultima Atlas: High Fantasy features:

  • 4 new Classes (Chanter, Commander, Dancer, and Symbolist) and even more Heroic Skills!
  • 10 high fantasy locations: archetypal settings with tips and hints for playing an intense high fantasy campaign or which you can use as inspiration to breathe life into your world.
  • Unleash your creativity and forge your ultimate weapons using the new rules for custom weapons.
  • Discover Quirks, new optional rules that bring even more characters, and push their heroic abilities beyond their limits using Zero Powers.
  • 5 Villains, challenging new bosses of increasing power to use in your adventures, providing your Players with tough and stimulating challenges.

Fabula Ultima is a game by Emanuele Galletto, published by NEED GAMES!

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