Strato Minis Studio and Mech Wargame Hardwar Acquired by Modiphius Entertainment

By Modiphius Entertainment

Modiphius to relaunch Hardwar in waves, including a reprint of core rulebook


London, England20th June 2024

UK-based tabletop games publisher Modiphius Entertainment has today announced that it has acquired Stratos Minis Studio including the complete Hardwar, Retrobots and Stratoyager game and miniature lines from their international creators. 

The acquisition includes Hardwar - a 6mm scale miniatures range and game set in the turn of the twenty-second century with fast-paced tactical rules and a hard sci-fi setting covering armour, mechs, air and seacraft in both 6mm and other scales, and Stratoyager - the game of space fighter combat.

Modiphius is well-known for its other popular games including Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Star Trek Adventures, The Elder Scrolls Call To Arms, Five Parsecs From Home, Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics.

Modiphius has exciting plans for the relaunch of the Hardwar line. The game will be released in waves, starting with a reprint of the core rulebook that will include the previous content from the Extended Hardware and No Heroes PDFs. This will be followed by a selection of Starter Sets, with the aim of getting new people playing in the universe and building anticipation for the future of Hardwar.

Modiphius co-founder Chris Birch has been a long-term fan of the 6mm sci-fi scale and sought out the Strato Minis Studio founders when he saw they were open to selling the game lines. He said: “Their team did an amazing job constructing a complex world of awesome looking mechs, tanks and fliers battling it out over a future earth. We’re going to build on that world and bring it to a bigger audience.”

Krzysztof Raczynski, co-founder of Strato Minis Studio said: “I was really excited when I found out that Modiphius was interested in taking over future Hardwar development - it was always our dream to make the game mainstream, and I could not imagine a better publisher than Modiphius to undertake this job. With their portfolio of excellent games and IPs, Hardwar will be in great place.”

Hardwar is a hard sci-fi setting that uses an innovative system to recreate fast-paced tactical combat between mechs, armour and air forces. It features straightforward rules allowing a mix of classic armoured warfare, with mechs, spacecraft, exotic experimental weapons, cybernetics, sentient combat swarms and ECM.

In Hardwar, players can immerse themselves in a variety of roles, from starting a private security company or becoming a corporate commander delivering shareholders' demands to leading a revolutionary force, being a small-time dictator or a noble wasteland marshal charged with protecting farmsteads. 

Modiphius will produce a quickstart PDF, which will allow people to try Hardwar for free. The publisher will also be developing a solo/co-op game to let you play a procedurally generated campaign with a growing armoured force.

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