New Dark Deeds Edition Available for Pre-Order

By Modiphius Entertainment

Darkly humorous card game from Andy Chambers and Mark
Gibbons gets new edition


London, England: 28th March, 2024

A new edition of Dark Deeds, a darkly humorous card game for 2 to 5 players created by gaming legends Mark Gibbons and Andy Chambers, is available for pre-order starting 28th March 2024 from Modiphius Entertainment.

The deadly new edition by Rookery Publications will be published by Modiphius Entertainment, best known for its popular licensed games such as the Fallout RPG, Dune RPG, Star Trek Adventures TTRPG, Fallout: Factions and its own IPs such as Dreams and Machines, and more.

Set in a sinister fantasy city, Dark Deeds casts players as malicious minions in service to a powerful, mysterious, and clearly villainous Patron. In the service of this dark power, minions must perform acts of thievery, violence, and betrayal, all while avoiding suspicious authorities, interfering do-gooders, and the machinations of their rivals. Rich rewards await the most successful minion, alongside horrific punishments for those who fail.

Mark Gibbons said: “I always felt the original Dark Deeds game had the potential to be a much bigger hit. When Covid forced us all inside for 18 months, Dark Deeds became my new hobby/obsession. Expect revised and rebalanced rules, extra cards, new art (of course, I really can't help myself), and after another frenzied few months, the new edition of Dark Deeds is poised to leap from the shadows!"

Chris Birch, co-founder of Modiphius Entertainment said: “Dark Deeds is a well-loved game of betrayal and skulduggery, so it's great to be bringing back this second edition. Who knew stabbing your friends in the back could be such fun!"

Andy Law, CEO at Rookery Publications, said: “Dark Deeds is a cult classic from two of the most malevolent minds in gaming, so we could not be prouder to present this new revised edition. Be ready for cunning schemes, swift betrayals, and bags of darkly humorous fun."

Pre-orders will ship this summer and can be ordered starting 28th March 2024 at the following:


If you can't wait to see what all the skullduggery is about, head over to Tabletopia to sample the game's dark delights.

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Modiphius Entertainment is a London, England-based entertainment publisher of tabletop games and related hobby merchandise. The company launched its own IP, the Achtung! Cthulhu Roleplaying Game, in 2013, and has since released a huge range of tabletop games, including the Star Trek Adventures TTRPG with Paramountthe official Dune RPG with Legendary, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim The Co-Operative Board Gamethe official Fallout: The Roleplaying Game, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game with Bethesda. The company has since launched new IP's Cohors Cthulhu and Dreams & Machines.


About Rookery Publications

Rookery Publications Ltd is a Scotland-based independent publisher of tabletop games and their related products. Founded in 2020 by five award-winning gaming industry veterans, the Rookery launched its first line of system-agnostic tabletop roleplaying supplements, The Coiled Crown, in 2021. It also produces a live-streamed show called Inside the Rookery, featuring weekly guests from across the gaming industry. The company is currently preparing to launch its first card game, Dark Deeds, in conjunction with Modiphius Entertainment.

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