Mutant Chronicles - Siege of the Citadel  
The Liberation of Venus Continues Live with Capitol Radio One!
This is Capitol Radio One from Volksburg on Venus. The battle is on! At four o’clock this morning Cardinal Durand gave the order!  “Tear down the castle of Alakhai! The liberation of Venus starts now!”
Cabinet Entertainment & Modiphius Entertainment have unveiled Stefan Kopinski’s cover for the epic Siege of the Citadel Board Game which triumphantly returns with a major Kickstarter this summer.
Can you hear me? Capitol Radio One. Live from the batteries. I can hardly hear myself think. Ten thousand guns sending our regards to Alakhai’s hordes!
New sculpts, New Double-sided Tiles, New Rules and New Creatures will bring the Siege of the Citadel core box screaming to life. This 2nd edition of the iconic techno fantasy board game returns with original designer Richard Borg (Memoir 44) once again on the frontline, with Kevin Wilson (Descent), and Eric Lang (Blood Rage) bringing up the troops.
Yes, we sure have a mother of a battle to talk about today and Capital Radio will be right there and tell you all about it. Hear more after this message.
“Those shells where built by Bauhaus! And they sure strike where it hurts!”
With the original game engine rebuilt and growling to life, Siege of the Citadel has everything you need to recreate the famous battles of Alakhai's citadel – just imagine you can be Doomtroopers like Sean Gallagher or Big Bob! Get a FREE Plasma Carbine and armoured shoulder pads with every box whilst stocks last*
*Offer only valid with sales from Luna City's own Brotherhood store!
Sean D’Armatto, is out among our troops to give you listeners the latest from the battle. Now that it has begun Sean, how do the troops feel? Yes folks just imagine, one million of our troops just dying to give Alakhai hell!
Stefan Kopinski’s propaganda art will be seen by citizens across the colonies and celebrates Mitch Hunter and Valerie Duval’s greatest battle. Rumour has it he’s painted a stunning tribute to the Brotherhood’s stand in the great halls against the Behemoths of the Dark Legion!
Capitol Radio One, the war radio, live from the suburbs of Volksburg. An outwork of
Alakhai’s castle known as “Bald Hill” fell to six Imperial divisions this morning after a night of furious hand to hand combat. Not a single heretic escaped!
The terrifying insides of Alakhai's mind bending citadel are brought starkly to light from the memories of Doomtrooper Henning Ludvigsen who single-handedly mapped the interior of the Citadel, often fighting off Necromutants with the stab of his mighty pen!
Under completely pain-free treatment from the Cardinal’s own Inquisitors, trooper Ludvigsen has been able to summon the will to paint the missing 8 forbidden halls that didn't make our previous release. Yes they maybe drawn in blood but these maps will see you through! Just don't speak the name Alakh....
Did you know that most health insurance don’t cover illness caused by the dark soul? Yes, that is true! Succumb to the symmetry and your kids don’t get a penny. Unless you have signed up for White & Anderssen Insurance! Because White & Anderssen Insurance has real survivor benefits. No matter what you do, your kids will get their share of the good-you.
Renowned Bauhaus novelist Anders Fager has been following the assault, writing up some of the most intense moments as our brave heroes lead the assault. Meanwhile, the heroes and monstrous forces of the Dark Legion have been captured for all eternity by Luna City’s greatest sculptors including Gael Gaumon, Valerio Terranova and others, led by impresarios Paolo Parente and Prodos Games, who together have the eye of the Cardinal himself on their great work!
We were just talking to a Cartel General near Bald Hill and it is official. The Doomtroopers are going in. Yes, it is official. We have a breach... and the Doomtroopers are going in - Capital Radio One told you first!
Get ready to face the devastating Praetorian Stalker, which now joins the existing forces of the Citadel’s Dark Legion including Undead Legionnaires, Necromutants, Centurions, Razides, and the terrifying Nepharite and Ezoghoul!
Sean D’Armatto! Capital Radio! We have Ezoghouls on the loose! At the west batteries. It’s a counterattack!
Sean? Sean, are you there? Sean? Tell us! What is happening?
Sean cannot come to the microphone right now. Sean is busy transforming. He would very much like you all to join him. Come on and transform...
New rules let you master the Citadel’s terrible machinery, the Dark Legion gain defensive and destructible terrain, whilst terrifying story based mission features and other exciting new developments will push you to the limit of your humanity!*
*Cabinet and Modiphius cannot guarantee immunity to Dark Legion corruption from over exposure to Siege of the Citadel.
Watch the doomtroopers file past! Thousands and thousands of them lined up charging towards the Throne room and….yes I can see him! Cardinal Durand is there with Capitals’ three time award-winning hero Mitch Hunter and Bauhaus’ Valerie Duval at his side – feeding the Dark Legion one bullet at a time!
Hello Alakhai, you’ve got visitors! 
Step up to join the Doom Troopers Now.
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