London 19 May 2016 - Modiphius Entertainment, creators of award-winning roleplaying games like Achtung! Cthulhu and publishers of the official Infinity, Conan and Mutant Chronicles roleplaying games, is pleased to announce the release of the Whitestar Source Book for its acclaimed Mutant Chronicles roleplaying game.

The Whitestar Source Book, which brings you in-depth detail and insider secrets of the implacable Soviet-influenced corporation which refused to abandon old earth and is now ruled with an iron fist by the mysterious Tsarina.
The Whitestar Source Book is available in Print and PDF and PDF only from and also from our friends at
The mega corporations could not flee fast enough from the irradiated and chemically saturated Earth. They assumed that nothing could survive amongst the acid-scarred ruins of their birthplace. Not until they returned in the hopes of finding plunder amongst the rubble did they realise how wrong their assumptions had been. Following the example of their beloved Tsarina, Whitestar has founded an empire amongst the tunnels and Strongholds below the wastelands. One that sits ready to defend their ancient homeland no matter the cost.
Inside this lavish 96 page full colour source book:
• Delve into the history of the Whitestar Federation and discover the untold facts about their growth into a power to be reckoned with.
• Survival and Exploration: The Federation has managed to flourish despite the many dangers that now stalk the Wastelands. Tread carefully in their footsteps across the frozen wastes, and avoid the blood red winds.
• The Tsarina’s People: Become one of Tsarina’s chosen using the expanded rules for the backgrounds and professions unique to Whitestar.
• Ancient Technology: The technicians of Whitestar have become experts in bricolage out of necessity. Take a firsthand look at some of the machines and devices they have cobbled together.

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