What is Achtung! Cthulhu

By John Houlihan
Art by Christian Quinot

Punching Evil in the Tentacles

Achtung! Cthulhu is the game which launched Modiphius as a company and with a brand new (and if we say so ourselves) rather awesome Starter Set already available to pre-order, we thought it’s time to revisit TTRPG for new players who’ve yet to feast on its unholy delights.

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 If we had to sum it up Achtung! Cthulhu in a single sentence it would be: “A world of pulp adventure where you are actively encouraged to punch evil right in the tentacles!” 

In this world of pulp two-fisted adventure you’ll discover the Secret War, a hidden globe-spanning battle between the forces of good and evil as conflict engulfs the globe between 1939-1945.

In this Secret War you’ll take on the roles Allied servicemen and women, secret agents, Resistance operatives or even civilians caught up in the wider conflict. 

Sign up for Section M, Britain’s occult agency who marry indominable courage and bravery, with a talent for cunning and improvisation and a diverse set of operatives from across the entire Commonwealth. 

Or perhaps you’ll join Majestic, America’s first line of eldritch defence? Well funded it fuses overwhelming firepower and ingenious technology with traditional American grit and determination to create a truly formidable fighting force. 

Maybe you’ll enlist in one of the many brave resistance movements who work in secret to oppose tyranny and oppression wherever it may be found? 

Opposing these brave heroes are two fearsome Axis villains: the Cult of the Black Sun who wield foul magic and summon captive horrors in their bid to free Yog-Sothoth from the Dreamlands and rain down madness on the face of the Earth. No less daunting are their sometime allies and often bitter rivals, Nachtwölfe, the Night Wolves, who place their trust in Atlantean technology, weird science, and strange wonder-weapons to further their own dark ends. 

Experience a world where dread secrets and powerful artefacts lie forgotten in ancient ruins. Peer deep into dusty tomes seeking eldritch knowledge never meant to be seen by mortal eyes. Arm yourself with experimental technology and deadly weapons and learn to wield powerful magical spells to fight these uncanny threats!

Encounter exotic races such as the Deep Ones, undersea worshippers of the dreaming god Cthulhu, or the Mi-Go, strange fungoid-insectoid beings from the furthest corners of the solar system who have come to earth for an unfathomable purpose.  

Towering over them all are the foul monsters, ineffable entities and eldritch gods of the Mythos themselves, who seek to take advantage of the chaos to extend their dominion over the minds of mankind.

Laugh in the face of reality-warping nightmares from beyond the stars! Grow in power, gain experience and develop new skills in a series of exciting globe-trotting adventures... until you’re ready to face down the mind-shattering Master of R’lyeh – dread Cthulhu himself!  

Will your agents prevail against all odds, or will they fall to the malign might of the Mythos? 

That is your story to tell…

You can discover this amazing world of pulp adventure with the Achtung! Cthulhu Starter Set which contains Basic Rules, an explosive three act campaign Among the Wolves, quick reference sheets, six pre-generated characters, six full colour maps, over 120 tokens, and an exclusive Elder Sign dice set! 


Or check out the whole Achtung! Cthulhu collection in the UK and US for the full core books, dice, accessories, missions, campaigns and much more!

Head on over to the Achtung! Cthulhu site to learn more, or join a host of existing fans on our official Modiphius Discord Channel. There’s a friendly and welcoming fan group on Facebook and you can sign up for the newsletter to hear all the latest news and take advantage of some very special offers!

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