Welcome Wastelanders to October’s #FalloutFriday 

By Jon Webb


This month we bring to a close our adventures in New Vega as two sets of companions arrive to further reinforce your survivor faction.

The first set includes ED-E, Rex and Veronica  (below) and is available now on .Net and .US stores. Whether you want to add a Brotherhood of Steel ally, uncover hidden secrets housed within a prototype Eyebot or add a new loyal hound to your collection of pups (you have collected all the Dogmeat models right?) this set provides three characterful sculpts to choose from.

Alternatively, the Boone, Arcade and Cass (above) set available on .Net and .US stores offers three new human allies. Whether you see a trained sharpshooter, skilled doctor or hardened caravan runner, the set includes three new models  to expand your collection.   


Shipping News

Regarding the recent delays to US product releases, the following New Vegas sets are now in the warehouse and should be available to distributors and local gaming stores.

Marcus & Lily

Securitron Enforcers

Boone, Arcade & Cass

Ed-E, Rex, & Veronica

As previously mentioned, there will be a pause in physical releases while we catch ourselves up and get product shipped to where it needs to be in time for the Commonwealth release cycle. The plan is to have that launch Q1 or early Q2 2022, but if the last two years have taught us anything it’s to prepare for the worst, so we will confirm actual dates as soon as we have them locked down.

In the meanwhile, we will continue to release digital products as they are approved and ready, as well as relaunching the 3D print at home line with several new sets (this time pre-supported and ready to print). The first set should be on sale next month, but here is a sneak peek of some of the included files.

Painting Guides

Studio Painter Craig is currently busy with some exciting new models for an upcoming wave, but has still managed to find some time to create another painting guide, this time focussing on how to get a great moody blue for your Nightkin miniatures.

Don’t forget to check last month’s video too, if you are picking up some Securitrons to bring order to your Wasteland.

We have plenty more planned from Craig, so please do check the videos out and throw a Like to the algorithm gods so we can keep making painting guides for you all to enjoy. Perhaps even let us know what you'd like him to offer a painting guide on, next?

Event Support

Now things are (mostly) returning to some semblance of normal, we know people are starting to run and attend events again. To help support your efforts, we’ve formalised how we will provide prize support.

There are three tiers of support we can offer depending on the size of the event you are hosting. Each comes with a standard package of prizes that we can offer.

The TO will need to get in touch with Sean via the support@modiphius.com email and provide details and evidence that the event is taking place, confirmation of size and sign up numbers and any other pertinent details (eg venue contact, website, postal address for prizes etc). Once we are happy that the application is legitimate (please do not abuse this or else we will be forced to end event support) we will then provide the relevant support package.

The tiers are:

Tier 1 (1-31 players)

PDF certificates plus shiny promo card for each attendee 

Tier 2 (32-64 players)

As above plus luck dice for each attendee

Tier 3 (64+ players)

As above plus ten $20 vouchers of prize support ($200) to split between winners that can be redeemed on the webstore.


Now for the best part of my month, showing off some of the great efforts of the community.

First up, a rather excellent Burned Man from Tristan Liebegott

Meanwhile DizzyAsk2621 seems to have been exposing some Mutant Hounds to radiation, with unexpected results. Don’t get too close Wastelanders (unless you run irradiated builds).

Regular contributor and playtester Oliver Reidl has been busy getting his new Super Mutant recruits ready, as the various denizens of New Vegas join in the fun. Oli has the rather excellent paint fast and paint good perks so seems to be able to produce high quality models at lightning speeds. 

Finally for painting this month, our friend Ryan at Wargames News Radio has been working on some Molerats. Once again the rad counter is pinging and a glowing foe has been spotted. 

Over in our 3D printing group, Quentin Ladevese has turned out a rather excellent rusted warhulk, using the tank STL to create a lovely terrain piece that would make a great centrepiece for battles. 

More 3D printing, but this time with a twist. By scaling down his prints and adding some scratch built terrain, Dawid Branski has created a superb and hyper detailed scene of Wasteland life


On the gaming front, James Nettum and Dave Romain seem to have taken inspiration from both Fallout 76 and the impending spooky season, running several themed pumpkin hunts. I love the objective markers and amazing terrain on show here. 

As ever don’t forget to keep tagging and sharing your hobby efforts for the showcase, please do email support@modiphius.com, jon.webb@modiphius.com or use the #FalloutFriday.

Until next month, I’m off to continue exploring the hidden corners of Appalachia. Keep an eye on the sky for those pesky Scorchbeasts.

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