Getting to Know the Star Trek™ Universe

By Jim Johnson, Star Trek Adventures Project Manager
Art by Justin Usher


A core rulebook for a licensed property, especially one with the popularity and longevity of Star Trek, needs to include material describing the setting and all the wonders it contains, in addition to explaining how those elements differentiate the setting from every other science fiction property.

Among the goals of second edition was that it be friendly to players new to Star Trek Adventures, those new to roleplaying games in general, and also accessible to new or casual Star Trek fans and longtime ardent fans like me who grew up watching reruns of the original series.

With those goals in mind, you’ll find the core rulebook contains several chapters focused on the setting, including information about major civilizations, key species, details about Starfleet (the primary focus of the vast majority of filmed Star Trek), and primers on the societies, cultures, sciences, and technologies presented across the franchise’s lengthy timeline.

We also included descriptions of several key eras of play your group might choose to explore in a mission or campaign, as well as a wealth of information on characters; starships; weapons and gear; creatures; and more. 

If you’re new to Star Trek and curious about the game, I hope you’ll find there’s enough setting material in the core rulebook to whet your appetite and get you started playing confidently in your own Star Trek stories. If you’re already an experienced Star Trek fan, I hope you’ll find the setting material a fun read and a refresher on some of the key setting elements. Maybe reviewing the material will spark a fresh idea and get you and your group soaring through the stars.

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