Fallout Friday May 2022

By Jon Webb


As the radioactive fog lifts on another #FalloutFriday, welcome once again Wastelanders to our rundown of everything Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

New Releases

We start as ever with the new releases. May sees the second half of the releases for the new factions. 

The Gunners are joined by several ranking members in the Conquerors of Quincy. Clint and Tessa add Power Armoured might to your ranks while Baker brings the big guns with optional Missile Launcher or the long awaited Fatman. There is even another Conscript in there to round out your numbers. 

Meanwhile the Railroad is sending in the troops with the Railroad Operatives. Deacon (with optional disguise heads) will keep an eye on any potential threats to the mission while Glory will meet them head on, laying down serious firepower with her minigun. The two stalwart characters are then backed up with four Railroad Heavies, with their distinctive armoured jackets and a variety of optional guns, covering Railway Rifles, Gauss Rifles and more.

Arriving this month is the slightly delayed Commonwealth Expansion. Featuring rules, Item and AI cards for all the new releases in this wave as well as reprints of some of the wave one cards that are now out of print, those looking for new options for their tables should grab their copies.

The accompanying book is our biggest yet at 64 pages and hosts plenty of new gaming content, with new scenarios, region rules and terrain rules to theme your games in and around Boston, as well as galleries of new releases and our full terrain line (at time of print!) and painting guides for the Survivors, Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel. Anyone who loves to theme their games around Fallout 4 shouldn’t miss this book.

Finally for physical releases we’ve managed to sneak an unexpected release into the month. Astoundingly Awesome Tales is a collection of scenarios focussing on the “core four” Fallout Factions (Survivors, Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutants and Raiders) as well as the Institute, featuring three themed scenarios for each that can be played as standalone one shots or tied together with a friend to make a short campaign.

There are also gallery pages of all the great minis you might want to pick up to play through this book as well as pre-constructed regional tables to save setup time, background tables to help you build the story of your force and the areas you are clashing over and even suggested forces to try out the scenarios so you can hit the tables (and get to the fun) as fast as possible.

So, quite a Commonwealth month (though folks who prefer to play in other regions can easily tweak the contents of these books to feature their favourite Fallout games). 

3D Printing

The STLs factory rumbles on (untroubled by Raiders, unlike the Corvega Assembly Plant), this month bringing us another Fallout vehicle that will no doubt appear on many a table. The Flatbed Truck will provide a dominating piece of cover to hide behind and can be printed with either the flatbed trailer or a fully enclosed box trailer waiting to be cracked open and looted for goodies.

As ever the set comes both supported and unsupported for those looking to tinker.

2D20 Upcoming Releases

And now for something completely different… our friends from the RPG department have dropped by to share some news on the next few releases for the Fallout 2D20 game. Over to you team.

Since before the release of the 2d20 System core rulebook, we’ve been working on a starter set for the game, perfect for new players who want to take their first steps in the tabletop-based wasteland. Not only will it contain a 56-page starter rulebook and all the accessories you need to play, but it will also contain a 60-page original adventure entitled “Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland” written by Donathin Frye (Dark Matter, Achtung! Cthulhu, Harper’s Tale), that takes your characters on an exciting quest around the nuclear-ravaged wastelands outside Boston. The starter set will be released on our webstores and in friendly local gaming stores in the summer.

We’ve also been working on a supplement-sized quest book “Winter of Atom” that contains a completely original epic Fallout storyline, with new resources for GMs and players alike, and tinged with radioactive edges. Players will have the unique opportunity to create both synth and protectron characters for the first time, as well as manage their own settlement and relationships with the various factions around the Commonwealth.

In terms of accessories, we’ve also been working on a deck of perk cards, modelled on the Fallout 76 perk card style. Each deck gives a single player a copy of each rank of the perks in the core book, making life a lot easier to see and use their perks at the table. They also add to the Fallout feel during games, with the Vault Boy illustrations on each one.

And we’ve got even more to announce in the future! We’re working on supplements right now where we’re developing new character origins, new perks, tools to build and manage your own settlements, tools for GMs to enhance their scavenging scenes, questlines, and a ton of new NPCs. What rules would you like to see developed for your Fallout tabletop games? Let us know in our community Discord.

Last but not least, we are looking for writers! If you’ve always wanted to write for a tabletop roleplaying game, or have an incredible idea for an original Fallout quest, you can submit pitches for a 10-16 page standalone quest to us via this form and we’ll be in touch!

Community Callout

After a short break last month to cover the awesome terrain competition entries, we are back once more to circle the vertibirds around the community spaces and see what all you talented hobbyists have been up to.

First up, Daniel Takai has been diving into the muddy waters and has served up a whole family of Mirelurks. With some clever use of airbrushing and inks, the colour range and slimy feel of these crabby foes really shines through. 

He’s also found some time to paint up the Vault Tec Poster Girl. Love the highlighting on the Vault Suit, that’s really popping. 

Daniel Ramos has sent in some great Securitrons painted in a grimy, work manner. With dusty desert bases and classic black and white CRT monitor vibes, these relentless patrollers will keep the strip safe from bad debt gamblers; I am sure. 

Back in the Commonwealth, the Gunners have been proving a popular new addition to the available factions (as they should be ;) ) with both Levi Roper and Philipp Stein putting an excellent spin on those green hues mercenaries.

Also in green, but a very different beast, Clara shows off her talent and eye for conversion once again with a multiple choice Behemoth. Featuring both the classic shopping trolley/hydrant version as well as magnetised Nuka Cola accessories, this Behemoth looks quite the part.

It seems green is the theme this month, as Oli returns to show off his rather envy-inducing table setup. With LEDs to add that classic Fallout colour filter, his Deathclaw is prowling through the abandoned ruins looking for another meal.

Rounding out the month, it's always great to see folks building terrain to battle across. Blair Hewitt has gone with the timeless chain link fence. I’m sure the denizens of the Wasteland will respect those radioactive warning signs right?

Meanwhile, Rhenaud has gone to town, letting nature run its course over some ruins and creating a terrain set that would fit brilliantly into an Appalachian themed adventure. 

That wraps up another month, thanks as always to all you awesome community Wastelanders who make this job so much fun. We’ll be back next month with plenty of new releases and another whip round to see what you have all been up to.

Until then.

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