Fallout Friday June 9th

By Ben Maunder

It's been a long old week for this world weary Vault Dweller, wandering from here to there to not only see what the Wasteland has thrown up this time but also to meet some of your lovely people. So, as I’ve settled back into my beaten up office chair and the coffee pot is slowly brewing some some delicious life sustaining black sludge, let’s have a look over another #FalloutFriday!

New Releases

Enclave Assault Force 


Now, I’ve never been overly quiet about my thoughts on violent xenophobic fascists who tend to shoot first, ask questions never and view 90% of life in the wastelands through the scope of a high powered rifle. For those who haven’t met me yet, firstly ‘Hello’ secondly, those thoughts are ‘They’re *******’s ‘. It’s a simple thought.

And as much as that thought is 100,000,000% correct, I’ll give them one thing. Their soldiers are damn efficient. The Enclave Assault forces aren’t like their bulkier chums in the Black Devil armor, mostly trainees dragged around on covert missions by highly trained Spec ops members. So, as much as I don’t like them, I wouldn’t tell them that to their face, I like my face. 

Reilly’s Rangers 


Now, if we’re talking highly trained Soldiers I can work with, Reilly’s Rangers spring to mind. Yeah, they’re mercs, but mercs with a heart of gold always stand out among the crowd right? Operating out of the Capital Wasteland, Reilly’s rangers are those rare soldiers of fortune who actually have a moral code, and it's worryingly rare to find a bunch of gunslingers in the wasteland who wouldn’t take a handful of caps to gun down a bunch of little ol’ ladies. 

For those who have met them, the Rangers are an odd bunch of eager men and women always happy to pick up the next job and get into a scrap, the lucky four-leafed clover on their armor a great demonstration of their mindsets. Gotta say, I like them all, but me and Theo get on like a house on fire  - should probably check in on him at some point.

Metal Dome


There’s a bunch of lovely places in the Wasteland, there really are. The Metal Dome in Appalachia, it's not one of them. It really isn't. A fighting pit for a certain group of rust mad raiders, they tend to throw whoever they can into a put and make them duke it out with all kinds of robotic monstrosities, and then scrape what's left of them afterwards.

Mostly tetanus tempting hunks of metal, the Dome is smothered in all forms of rust-eaten debris, spikes, lost limbs and probably a few sharpened spikes. In short, don’t fall over - really bad decision there. 

Super Duper Mutants

Now, whilst the Enclave are Monsters with a moral capital M, the Super Mutants are Monsters with an M representing “munchies”. Hungry, angry, stompy chaps who rarely think much beyond “What is that? Can I eat it? Can I fight it?”, and whilst I’m going to be very surprised if I find out those are not the first three thoughts of every Super Mutant ever, they’re still a diverse bunch.

Another wonderful resident of Vault Modiphius, our own Julian Jeratsch (Hi Julian) got together with a selection of other talented souls to show off some of the most interesting looking Super Mutants out there!

Clara Nguyen

Take this lovely purple beast of a Super Mutant, all rippling muscles and bloodied metal, alongside his little communist pet! And odd pairing, but hey, we all need friends. Out of all the Mutants I’ve ever seen, I’m probably the least worried about him. He can’t see after all! 

Levi Roper

Why do I get the impression that no matter where this Mutant goes, the wind is always with him, leaves floating by with all the grace of a bird upon a breeze. A mutant of few words and many actions, or so I imagine. 

Marc Tippler 

Whilst, I’m partially curious what's in the sack, history and better judgement would tell me it's probably not worth asking… Even more so as he already looks pretty darned angry. 

Pawel Galas

“Grubs up!” Unlike the last beautiful mutant, I am in no way curious about what is in that pot. Its oozing green contents, the blood splattered apron and fact that I have never, ever seen a Super Mutant eat anything I would actually consider food give me more than enough of an idea what's in there. 

Julian Jeratsch

When in doubt, grab the biggest hammer you can and get moving seems to be the life lesson this Mutant wants to teach. He and his good friend (Who I will be naming Moodiphius) look like they have a ton of new adventures coming up!


As I mentioned in the last FalloutFriday a good number of the Modiphius team made the long trek out to Birmingham and this year's UKGE to come and say hi to as many of you lovely lot as possible, so let's share some photos from our end! (one shiny bottle cap to anyone who can find me hidden in there!) 

Big Ranger, Little Ranger, Cardboard Box

We were visited very early on by a delegate from the NCR, who used a Laser Rifle to very diplomatically look after the booth for us! Thanks for watching our backs @luke_scarfell 


We were demoing all sorts of lovely games created in the Modiphius Vault all weekend! Mostly, the beautiful masterpiece that is of course Wasteland Warfare - lovingly brought to life by our Master of Mini’s Martin, who’s endless well of enthusiasm scares me to this day - look at his happy little face. 

We also got to root out some despicable murderers in previously loving families by playing some Death of the Cards, big thanks to the one and only Andrew Peregrine for uncovering all those deeply buried secrets!

There was also this game about some odd little place covered in snow and skeletons. Looks a bit cold for my liking, but each to their own I suppose. Where are the nukes? 

Painting Masters

We had a whole host of beautifully painted models from all across the Fallout and Elder Scrolls ranges to show off at the show, and the wonderful Callum France (@callumpaints) and Ant Morris (@colourtheft) were eager to show off all their hard work and they seemed to make a couple of friends here or there. Look at those smiles!

Please ignore the carefully curated product placement (‘cough’ https://www.modiphius.net/products/fallout-wasteland-warfare-brotherhood-of-steel-liberty-prime ‘cough’)

What makes this photo really fun is the fact you can’t see the people having to hold Ant up out of sheer joy!

Strangers from another land

We did get some visitors from distant lands, didn’t recognise their clothes though, at all, must be from some tiny little place that only a niche few know about… I’m sure that's the case.


Go Prime go!

Unsung Heroes

And now, just for good measure, lets show off a few more of our wonderful team - or at least the ones I have photos of!

Sign Off

Well, that's all from me, a full pot of coffee drained to its last drop and me tapped out of all the energy it could offer! So, once again, thank you all for coming out to meet us, thank you for continuing to enjoy the wasteland and mostly, thank you for reading this month's FalloutFriday! As always, if you want to reach out, feel free to poke me at ben.maunder@modiphius.com, and until next time - Stay Weird Wastelanders!

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