Fallout Friday - June 21

By Jon Webb

Welcome to another #FalloutFriday Wastlanders.

I wanted to start this month with some major news. Sadly, Wasteland Warfare designer James Sheahan has been offered the opportunity to return to his roots in Computer Game production and May was his last month with the project.

It’s been an education working alongside him on the game and the depth of thinking, detail and sheer ability to crunch data that he has showcased when approaching each model, scenario and game module has been fascinating to observe.

I’m going to reprint his closing words for anyone who didn’t see them in the Facebook group, but I hope we live up to his legacy and it’s going to be hard to replace him on the line.

Good luck going forward James and thanks for everything you did for the game.

“It does not seem very long ago I was drawing the first Unit cards whilst on a train journey and colouring in pieces of wooden dowel with felt-tip pens to make the first range rulers (which I learned the hard way needed to be coated with clear nail varnish to stop the coloured ink staining my hands during play).  Today, my time as designer of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare has reached its end.  After creating the rules, 250+ Units, 250+ weapons, 2,000+ cards, multiple expansion rule sets and modules, an AI system, an RPG, multiple scenarios and campaigns, and even a solo RPG campaign, I am returning to the video games industry (where I spent a lot of my early career) to be a designer of multiplayer console games.

Whilst my work on F:WW is complete, some expansions I designed are still to be released: Homestead (an expanded Settlement mode where you physically layout your settlement as you build it so you can play scenarios in it and defend it from attacks as well as a Settlement Event system too); Vault-Tec (allowing you to explore procedurally-generated vaults whilst attempting various objectives); The Unexpected Shepherd Parts 2 and 3 (the solo RPG campaign using choose-your-own-path mechanics with scenarios to playout using models); plus, the cards for several waves of models.  The team at Modiphius, who have always been involved in F:WW’s development and have created some content already, will take over creating further content and designing for F:WW’s future.

I want to thank all the players who have played F:WW.  I am proud of the game and its mechanics, but even more so of the players who have supported the game, helped each other, shared great games, created amazing terrain, shared their amazingly painted models, and had fun.  My thanks to everyone at Modiphius who have helped bring this game to market too.

While it is hard to step away from F:WW, I am excited for my future challenge and for F:WW’s future.  As I will no longer be involved, I will not be able to answer any rules questions as those decisions will be up to the guys at Modiphius and I wouldn’t want to give answers that conflict with anything they have planned.

As well as my new role, I hope I will be releasing some other tabletop games of my own in the future too – I hope you will check them out when I do.  Until then, I wish you all the best for the future, and that you continue having fun in the Wasteland.”

Model Releases

June is the second month of New Vegas so for those who didn’t pick up one of the launch bundles, you can now add the NCR Top Brass or Caesar’s Legion Military Command to your collections.

Both sets include three character options, providing several of the personalities that define the factions and give you exciting new ways to play your forces in the Wasteland.

Legate Lanius is a favourite of mine. He provides an unusual painting challenge in the amount of bronze armour he wears. He’s got a pretty impressive sword (and hat!) too. 

Next month we round out the last of the core NCR and Legion before moving to some of the more esoteric elements of the Mojave region. 

Terrain Competition.

So far, it seems that our latest terrain building competition hasn’t quite caught your attention. Perhaps the Summer heat has distracted everyone? To give folks a bit more time to get their submissions in, I’m pushing the deadline back till July’s #FalloutFriday, so you all have one more month to assemble and paint terrain that you think fits the theme of New Vegas.

Here are the details again, please do get involved as I love to see all the hard work folks put into their tables.

The theme is New Vegas. You all have until July’s #FalloutFriday on the 9th) to build and paint a piece of terrain themed around the new wave. This can be anything from a small scatter piece to a larger building or feature, so plenty of scope.

There will be three prizes, $100 store credit for the best large piece, $100 store credit for the best small piece and $50 for the “Most Fallout” entry (what that means is always up for debate but think about the world of Fallout and try to reflect its quirks in your efforts and you won’t go far wrong). 

Send your entries to us by emailing 1-4 pictures to support@modiphius.com , with the title New Vegas Terrain Competition and marked for the attention of Jon.

Full terms and conditions can be found here


The next #FalloutFriday scenario is slightly delayed, so keep on zapping those zetans for now but don’t worry, there will be plenty of new ways to play Wasteland Warfare coming soon. 

Community Roundup 

We recently were sent some fantastic shots of JR Gordon’s Brotherhood of Steel Power Armour lead by an imposing Paladin Danse. JR has a great attention to detail expertly picking out the Brotherhood logo on the chest plates and even adding rank markings to the arms of each Knight. 

Thanks for sending these in JR and keep up the great work. .

As ever, if you want to feature in my community showcase then please do send your photos to support, marked for my attention, or tag your work with #FalloutFriday and I’ll reach out if you catch my eye.

Till next month.





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