#Fallout Friday: Feedback

By Jon Webb

December’s #FalloutFriday has come and gone and it’s time to take a look at some folks that caught my eye and have earned themselves some store credit for their efforts.

First up, Oliwier Galka has painted some superb Enclave troops in a rather fetching scheme. Frank in particular takes an original but very striking approach to this towering terror. Check out more of their images in the Fallout Wasteland Warfare fan group on Facebook.

In gaming terms, Haumi91 on the forum showcased some thematic terrain and Enclave troops as they played out the Vestiges Resurgent (part 1) scenario.

Finally, while perhaps not quite Enclave related, I couldn’t help but be blown away by Howard Penning’s incredible set of terrain. It’s a picture perfect recreation of the remains of Boston and has some incredible detail and weathering. Check it out on the Facebook group if you are thinking of making terrain as there is inspiration there for sure.

Thanks to everyone for taking part, please do keep sharing your efforts and we’ll be back in January for part 2 of the Vestiges Resurgent (which you can download now for FREE)

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