Fallout Friday August 2022

By Shaun Hocking


Howdy, Wastelanders! It’s August already which means it’s time for a fresh new #FalloutFriday. Jon Webb has been temporarily deposed and now I’m King of the Wasteland (for this month’s blog anyway). That means a shorter post this month, partly due to Gen Con and some well-deserved vacations. But let’s not delay any further and get right into it.

New Releases

This month’s physical Commonwealth wave releases are two sets of deadly creatures to really liven up your Wasteland experience. First up is the devastating juggernaut of teeth and claws that is the Deathclaw Matriarch. She’s even bigger (68mm!) and more deadly than a ‘normal’ Deathclaw, so If you like living dangerously, try adding her to your table!

If that’s not enough teeth and claws for you, we’ve also unleashed the Yao Guai Ambush set to ravage your favourite factions. These mutated descendants of American black bears have been given a name that roughly translates as ‘demon’ or ‘monster’ in Mandarin – if you stumble into their territory, you’ll understand why! 

The first of this month’s digital releases is the long-awaited second part of The Unexpected Shepherd. Part 2 of this solo adventure for the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG Expansion, picks up right where Part 1 ended and drops you back into the thick of things to continue the story. As fans of the first part will already know, your choices matter and even decisions made in Part 1 can affect the outcome. If you’d like to read an earlier blog from James Sheahan who designed this three-part project (the conclusion is due for release next month), you can check it out here.

3D Printing

Finally this month, we have another of our regular print at home digital STL releases. This is a BIG one. The Brotherhood of Steel Encampment features everything you’d expect from a temporary military camp - tents, barricades, an AA turret, even a ham radio and some corpses! Our digital design team really went to town (or camp) on this one and there is a lot of product here for fans of home printing. 

That wraps things up for August. We’ll be back the second Friday of September and should be back on top of things and able to include more of the community’s awesome work. Until then, stay safe and steer clear of oversized mutated critters!

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