Fallout February Terrain Competition
by Jon Webb


There is no specific theme for the latest competition, instead I wanted to take the chance to celebrate Wasteland terrain building in all its variety. With so many options and tools available now, this is a chance for people to play to their strengths and impress me with their skills.

There are four categories, each focusing on one “stream” of terrain building. Each category will have one winner, earning themselves $100 credit to spend on the webstore. You could use that to add some of the new STL bundles or pick up some of our classic resin kits. Or you could save it for the Commonwealth release which is almost upon us.

The categories are as follows. Note, there will be some amount of judges' decision in this as I don’t want to limit creativity, so aim for around 90% minimum of a given category but I reserve the right to move you to a different category if I see fit.

Entries should be one decent sized piece of scatter terrain at most (a building, cluster of trees, scatter terrain piece or similar). Entries should be no larger than 12”x12”.

Category 1 - 3D printed. This category is for anyone who has been using our STLs to decorate their tables and terrain. Show off one or more of the recent releases in all their glory. 

Category 2 - Resin terrain. This category is for anyone who likes to paint up our resin terrain offerings. Paint one or more pieces of terrain from the physical range.

Category 3 - Scratch build. This is the one for all your traditionalists who like to build your terrain from the junk of the wasteland itself. Show off one or more pieces of terrain you have created from the ground up using junk materials and crafting skills.

Category 4 - Mixed. Entries for this category can use any or all of the above options as well as 3rd party products. Maybe you have an MDF house kit that you have modded with some resin Fallout details, maybe you have taken one of the STLs but then combined it with your own scratch building skills to make something unique, almost anything goes here really.

Entries should be submitted to me via email at jon.webb@modiphius.com and should be sent between February 1st and March 31st. Please send up to 5 images maximum. 

Everyone can enter each category once, I will take the first entry from a person per category and disregard any others so make sure you are happy with your images and creations before hitting submit.

Terms and conditions for entry can be found at: https://www.modiphius.net/pages/competition-terms-and-conditions

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s efforts in the coming weeks.

Fallout: wasteland warfare