Faction Focus: The Disciples

By Georgie R
Photography by Fatima Martin


The Disciples are a sadistic group of raiders, seeking the thrills of killing and feeding off the tangible fear of their victims. The Pack are all about the battle, but for these raiders their focus is on the kill and the thrill surrounding it. Taking a more stealthy approach to combat, they favor getting in close for the kill by using knives and inflicting trauma on their victims before killing them. Even going as far as taking mementos or recordings of those they’ve killed. This callous group of individuals are ready to bring their abhorrent ways to the fight for control of Nuka-World, whilst taking a trophy or two along the way.

This group of raiders is, despite their liking for finishing their enemies with knives, the most all-round faction of the three fighting for control of Nuka-World. Their equipment isn’t as flashy as the Operators or the Pack, but this doesn’t hinder this faction as they are coldly competent. Psychos of this faction boast an incredible 5 strength and can utilise Light Handmade Rifles to suppress opponents before running in to finish the job with a machete or hand weapon. Their affection for melee weapons doesn’t hinder their combat prowess, this faction is more than happy to wield Hunting Rifles to assist in taking down high endurance targets as the Tormentor, Champion of the Disciples, can even take a Precision Handmade Rifle and wield it as a sniper rifle. Proving that this psychotic faction are lethal both at range or up close, their only worry being what they might take as a trophy from their kills.

This cold group of killers also has their own set of tricks in the form of Ploys, Thrill Kill being one of the more potent options available to them. This ploy enables your units to recover from Fatigue when an enemy is incapacitated, all friendly units within 3 inches of the enemy in question recover one Fatigue. This can be game changing considering each action taken by a unit gives them Fatigue and enemies can also inflict this as a result of their own actions too. Having the ability to remove Weary tokens or the Exhaustion condition can turn the tides in the round and allow your Disciples to get in close and do what they do best to their foes. The Disciples have another deadly trick up their sleeve which can come in clutch if they lose models early, Thin the Herd is another ploy they can use that empowers their champions. When one of your models becomes incapacitated, you can add a Bonus Die to any Tests you make for champions until the end of the round! The Tormentor can utilise this to add some serious damage to your opponent’s models or could even be used to prevent things like Confusion from taking effect if models near them end up incapacitated.

The Disciples are a gang of cold-blooded psychos that relish in the thrills of killing, whether it be by their Pyschos suppressing their enemies with Light Handmade Rifles or plethoras of Nuka Grenades changing the landscape around them. This faction means business and they’ll go about it however they please, provided they can take a few trophies along the way. Will you be brave enough to use this faction in the fight for control of Nuka World?

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