Faction Focus: Spears

By Samantha Webb


Deep in the ruined mega-cities where most Everans fear to tread, tribes of Spears live amongst the rubble and malfunctioning technology—and they wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else.

When society crumbled, most fled from the cities, but a few stayed behind. Some desired vengeance, others stubbornly refused to abandon their homes, and many others had nowhere to go. Those who survived long enough found what would become their greatest asset: each other. These ‘cells’ live in secluded communities, protecting their own with a fierceness and determination that has allowed them to endure for centuries. 

The Spears are so called because they wield a weapon potent enough that a single individual trained in its use can bring down a Waker by themselves: the Electro-spear. The origins of this weapon have long since been lost to time, but it is fundamental to protecting the Spears’ way of life. Electro-spears are honed to a mono-molecular point, perfectly made to slip into even the smallest imperfection or gap in armor, and contain a device that stores kinetic energy to charge an EMP blast capable of disabling machines. Electro-spears from fallen comrades are kept until they ‘choose’ a Spear to bear them. Each Spear modifies and repairs their weapon throughout their lives, adding to their legacy.

The Spears were forged in constant battle against an overwhelming foe, and this has shaped them into the finest warriors on Evera. While each of them is incredibly tough on their own, they consider their greatest weapons to be each other. To the Spears, everyone is equal, regardless of the circumstances. They will never leave anyone behind.

Dreams and machines