Faction Focus: Everans

By Samantha Webb


Most across Evera Prime are generally good-natured, resourceful people, interested in building comfortable and happy lives for themselves and their towns and villages—much in contrast to the Wakers and the ruined mega-cities on their horizon. Every place there are Everans was once a place their ancestors fled to when the Builder AI and its Wakers turned on them. Every home, workplace, and trading post is a testament to their tenacity and adaptive nature. Their friendliness and determination to come together shows that humanity is far from broken.

Everans embrace anything that they can make work, so their settlements include an ingenious mix of old technology, rudimentary items, and recycled objects. Grabbers might bring technology to a community that uses it to improve their lives, or they might work with Archivists to help visitors or pilgrims who need their assistance.

Due to their closer proximity to the old cities, some Everans see more Waker activity than other factions who are more remote. Many Everan settlements maintain close relations with the Spears in the area, who they call upon when Wakers attack. They are also the main source of recruitment amongst Guardian enclaves. Everans who choose to fight for their towns are respected, and towns and villages make sure their heroes are honored. 

Everans take on a variety of jobs, but many farm in order to feed their towns. Those who don’t farm are commonly involved in trading, as many Everan towns are often commerce hubs for the surrounding areas. There are crafters and repairers, teachers and healers, and many places to eat good food. Though Everans are usually attached to their towns, it is not uncommon for them to pack up and travel. A young person may want to leave their village and make a mark in a bigger town. Someone may be interested in trade and decide to set up shop in a new place, or perhaps they take up life with the Rivers.

The most versatile and culturally varied people of Evera Prime, one of these settlements, its farmsteads, and its people are always a welcome sight to the travelers of the world.

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