The Elder Scrolls: Fighting Fire with Steel

Fighting Fire with Steel

 by Gavin Dady

Hello friends. A quick update this week.

 The title of this blog was mostly just a reason to use the amazing picture that our staff photographer, Rocio Martin-Perez, put together for me above. But, I’m going to be talking a bit about the progress on the Core Rulebook revision and our new Errata process. I suppose you could compare the process of tracking down and eliminating all the errata to trying to put out a belligerent, mobile fire throwing demon using a piece of sharpened steel.

Core Rulebook Revision 

 Work has started on implementing the changes, updates and errata to the core rulebook (as mentioned in my previous blog here: ). We’ve had a round table with all of the team - the Devs, Mark Latham (game designer), our in house play test team and the project management team. As a result of the round table we have started to divide up the work into manageable chunks that we can hand out and report back on easily. Mark is doing an overall run through of the book, and we’ll be leaning on him to look at any areas of the rules we want to tighten up. The devs and play testers will be looking at ensuring consistency and picking up those edge case scenarios that crop up with really unique combinations (this is Jono’s speciality). The project management team are collating all of the current and past errata into one master document. We are also checking our previous published errata to check that it is still fit for purpose and to add any items we have since found or may have missed. 

 As part of this process we are also implementing a new, single point of contact for any rules queries, errata or FAQ questions – a dedicated Errata and FAQ forum on the Modiphius forums. This will be your one stop-shop for any and all rules queries and its where all our OFFICIAL rulings and clarifications will appear. At the moment we’ll make sure your rules queries are given an official answer by a member of the Modiphius staff, but in time we’ll also be looking to recruit community champions to help with answering rules queries too. 

You can find the Rules Queries and Questions forum at the Modiphius forums here:

We’re also starting an open call for Errata submissions and suggestions for clarifications. We’re not looking for rules changes at the moment, but if you think a rule could be better explained or clarified, let us know.

We’re also starting a living errata document of Google Docs so you can see what the latest version is without waiting for us to collate and update a PDF. We’ll add the link for that soon.

Finally, looking forward to the end of this month we’ll be looking at The Stormcloak Rebellion sourcebook in more depth and announcing the winner of our Dragonborn competition from back in May. 

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