Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms - Dragonborn Triumphant

This launch promo of the Dragonborn Triumphant is a 32mm scale multi-part high quality resin miniature complete with scenic base. The Dragonborn is packaged unassembled and unpainted in a small black presentation box with silver embossed Skyrim symbol. No game mechanics are included, however the Two Player Starter Set will include rules for using the Dragonborn in the game.

This item is available in limited quantities through the year, with the first 1000 orders shipping in the first week of June 2019. The second and third wave of subsequent orders are expected to ship in July and August 2019. If this first release is sold out, click here to order from the July wave.

Not for under 14's, contains choking hazard please keep out of the reach of small children. Requires assembly and is supplied unpainted. Assembly instructions available to download in PDF on purchase. Fus...

The elder scrolls: call to arms