Dev Blog 3 – Arcane Tomes

By Gavin Dady

A very short Dev blog this time to talk about the rules PDFs that we have released If you pre-ordered through the Modiphius webstore you should have an email inviting you to download the rules and quest PDFs. If you did not receive it please contact or you can just download the FREE ones direct.

If you pre-ordered through a local store you can contact with proof of your order, or your local store who can request them on your behalf.

The rules book and Escape from Helgen introductory book are free to download here. The Quest book is £4 if you haven't pre-ordered but want to check it out.

 Originally our plan was to release the PDF’s after the launch of the boxed version of The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. Events have overtaken us and our street date for the boxed sets, for any sets, has been unavoidably pushed back. 

So, we have brought forward the release of the PDFs and released the dice nets as a PDF too. This allows you to read up on the rules and scenarios ahead of the release date. 

What we have not been able to do, however, is release the cards as a PDF. There are over 200 cards in the core set, many of them double sided. Converting our print files into a download ready PDF is something of a gargantuan undertaking and not something we can do quickly. We didn’t have a plan to release the cards as a PDF, as we assumed that the physical cards would be available, and that the rules PDF’s would mostly be used as a reference and a place for us to fold in any errata updates (as amazing as I believe I am, we accept that not everybody is perfect and mistakes will have slipped through). 

In the meantime, you will be able to read up on the core rules and scenarios and be ready for when we are able to recommence shipping and get the physical sets out to you.

The elder scrolls: call to arms