Delving into the Lost Era

By Cory Belote, Star Trek Adventures Contributing Writer
Art by Jim Hibbert


Many fans of Star Trek are familiar with the large gap between the original series and The Next Generation, with it often being referred to as “The Lost Era.” Often we fans would fill this span of time with our own thoughts, theories, and stories of what happened after The Undiscovered Country and the Enterprise made her final voyage.

That is something that I wanted to capture and tackle in this new Star Trek Adventures mission briefs pack, and it is thanks to STA project manager Jim Johnson that have allowed me to create a little snapshot of some of the things that could happen in that timeframe. In creating this set of adventure briefs, I wanted to look back at what the crew of the Enterprise left behind in their travels, filling it with as many references as I could think of and call backs to the original series. 

What happened to Cestus III after the Enterprise left? How is Archanis IV doing? How do you stop someone from stealing a starship? How much trouble could a targ cause? All of these and other questions I had in mind when writing and creating the adventures.

While some of the adventures may have a more serious tone, others are more comical, which is something Star Trek is well known for its vast array of themes and lends itself well to this. Borrowing from some life experiences is also something that helped in writing things, and it also helped that I am notorious for making (accidentally or purposefully) puns and jokes that align with Star Trek. You are sure to find a few in titles for adventures in this pack.

I truly hope that you enjoy this pack of briefs, and that your players will as well. Who knows, maybe a few of the characters can come back to menace your player characters with their own tribble-ations!

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